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    Quick Check-in

    That is great, glad you are enjoying it so much, I also enjoy mine! The problem was Linimar not boring the seats concentrically in the heads, this is what created the premature wear problem. If you are not seeing any oil use or blue smoke upon start up, then there is a good chance you may have...
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    Show off your C6's!!

  3. TooFast

    Quick Check-in

    Have not been on here in a long time, just saw your post. Good for you great feedback on your Z, I did not catch the year? In regard to the Blackstone reports I use them myself, however with only 3,000 miles on my 2011 Z07 (which I bought new), with previous good Blackstone reports, my valve...
  4. TooFast

    2011 Carbon Section Photo is not A Carbon

    Hi Folks: The Corvette pictured in the banner heading is an Inferno Orange Z06/Z07 with the CFZ option, not a Carbon. Notice it has a black painted roof and the side view mirrors are body color, also the rims are grey. A Carbon edition would have a body color painted roof with black painted...
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    My Build with Dyno

    Well, have not been on here for quite a while. Just thought I would share my build story. My 2011 Z06/Z07 with 3,027 miles on it had bad guides; three of the intakes were so bad they were moving back and forth with the springs still on. Anyway I went with AHP heads and the Moldstar 90 guides...
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    WTB C5 Interior Door Panels

    Looking to buy drivers and passengers interior door panels; black, no de-lamination, no mounting cracks and must be in great shape, thanks.
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    Trying to Locate My 1980

    I was looking for something in my toolbox this morning and turned up the dealer key tag and key plugs for my 1980 'vette. I am usually on the C6 or C5 Forums, but I thought I would take a shot at trying to find my 1980 that I bought new in Fort Worth Texas. It was an automatic with glass tops...
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    TooFast Finally got a 427!

    Hi folks: Well the wife and I went out this past Saturday and purchased a 2011 3LZ, Inferno Orange/Ebony Z06 with the Z07 Ultimate Performance Package, Z06 Carbon Package and NAV (the wife says I won't need it cause the car will never go anywhere). We got a pretty good price, 21% off MSRP and...
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    Alternate 427 Hood Emblems

    Anyone buy/use the 427 hood emblems from Speedmotoring out of Florida. I have seen them advertised and was wondering if they are any good? Thanks.
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    Can someone run this VIN for me please: 1G1YY26E185101193..interested in what options are on the car...I don't have the car, it is for sale. Thanks.
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    Happy New Year

    Wishing all of you a Happy and Safe New Year! :thumb:beer TooFast
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    Low Oil Warning

    OK, so I am at 'Vettes on The Rockies this weekend. My car is parked for about 4 hours in a large area where all other corvettes are parked. I get in, start it and on the display I see "Low Oil Warning", oil pressure is fine. I drive about 50 ft, shut down, turn the car back on, reset the...
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    HP Gain??

    OK, go easy on me now. I replaced the stock exhaust on my vert with the Ti catback and I replaced the air intake lid with a modified Z06 unit; cut the opening even larger and installed a K&N filter element. I know the car is about 30lbs lighter due to the exhaust, but it feels a little quicker...
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    Change Thermostat or Not?

    OK, I checked but I couldn't find anything anywhere, so convict me now if I missed it. I have a 2004 with 15K on it and I am getting ready to change the coolant. Do I change out the thermostat at this time or leave it. I assume when I drain and flush the coolant I will remove the thermo...
  15. TooFast

    Ragg Topp Application Oddity - Fabric Top

    Hey Folks: Just finished applying Ragg Topp protector to my '04 last night and after each coat (followed directions to a tee) there was this fuzzy white residue left on the top. This morning, when I was sure the top was dry, I took a clean hand towel, no lint, and wiped the top surface...
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