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    Charging question

    So a couple weeks ago I bought an 85 with 23,000 miles. Tonight I had the voltage meter on instead of coolant temp. Long story short is that while idling in park, the voltage is fine. But if I'm stopped at a traffic light, I can watch the voltage get lower and lower. Car seems to idle around 600...
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    Question: Muffler question

    I just purchased an 85 coupe on Thursday. The mufflers have a lot of drone. I was wondering if they were stock or not. I looked underneath and didn't see any brand names stamped into the muffler. I like some sound, but not drone. Was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a quieter muffler...
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    New to the forum and a new Vette owner

    Greetings all. I just fulfilled a childhood dream and got a Corvette today. She's a 2 owner, 1985 with 23,000 miles. The color is dark bronze metallic. Didn't initially like the wood trim, but it's starting to grow on me. Helps to break up the bronze interior. The dealership was 165 miles or so...
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