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    slight engine pulsation when deaccelerating

    When letting off the accelerator, a pulsing (not jerking) of the car occurs. It happens once the engine is at a steady RPM usually when going down a slight incline. At first I though it was unevenness in the road or street but don't think it is such. The tachometer also bobs when this is...
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    Engin surge at idle

    My 98 C5 has just started a slight engine surge when idling and when slowing down approaching stop lights, etc, A very slight increase followed by decrease in rpm. Engine runs fine otherwise. Does this sound like a throttle position sensor problem? Any advise appreciated. Thanks.
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    fuel tank sending unit

    Does anyone know of a source for a fuel tank sending unit for a 1998 C-5? Thanks
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    slight movement in sport seats when accelerating and braking

    Does anyone know of an easy fix for this? Have removed one seat to replace lumbar support bags and see where the problem is located. It appears the entire track assembly has to be taken apart to repair.
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    Selective Ride Control

    When I bought my C-5 the shocks were inoperable. We replaced the ride control module which did activate the shocks and improved the ride immensely. However, the selective ride knob on the console seems to make no change in the ride. The ABS pump module had shorted out on the car with a...
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    remote cd changer

    1998 Corvette I just bought has a Pioneer cd changer in the trunk. Age, etc. have made in inoperable, and it is no longer available. The dash unit is a Delco brand. Both are factory installed to the best of my knowledge. Does anyone know of a source who repairs changers such as this at a...
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    abs wiring plug

    I need abs module wiring plug that will fit a 98 abs module with code M. Are there sources that will rebuild plugs such as this. thanks.
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