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    Question: What to use on an '04 convertible top?

    I just traded in my ‘87 (with some $$) for a triple black ‘04 convertible yesterday and the first thing… after speeding around a bit… I want to figure out is how to keep it clean! Any suggestions on how to clean and what to use on the cloth top? ;shrug Erik
  2. yungnbord

    1987 Power Antenna Issue

    Hello! I have a 1987 with a power antenna issue. The motor for the power antenna does not stop running, even when the ignition is off and the key is out. I would assume I need to replace the antenna. I’ve heard that is quite an undertaking in itself… In the meantime does anyone know...
  3. yungnbord

    Dash Board Light Problem

    I had this issue last summer and worked on it a bit with the advice I received… I’m still having trouble but have a better understanding of the symptoms. I have an ’87, automatic and the dashboard digital display is not working properly. Symptoms: - Headlights off – display fine -...
  4. yungnbord

    Dash Light Issue & I’ve Checked Previous Threads….

    I’ve read the threads I was able to search out on my problem but can’t seem to find a solution. Here is a description of what is occurring for me… I have an 87 that the dash works fine when the headlights are off. As soon as I turn on the headlights I can no longer see the speed, RPM and so on...
  5. yungnbord

    RE: Tires Sumitomo

    RE: Tires Sumitomo Has anyone heard anything about the Sumitomo HTR Z II? Good, bad, rumors? Erik
  6. yungnbord

    Replacement speakers for Bose '87

    I have the "Infamous" Bose system in my '87. I want to just get rid of it! I know I can put 6X9's in the rear. I can't seem to find out what size or brand speaker will fit in the front doors. I checked Crutchfield and they had none. Of coarse they don't carry all brands. Does anyone know...
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