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    Convertible Door Restoration Q...

    I am restoring/painting my 74 convertible. I need to know if the underside of this door is supposed to be finished in black or the exterior car color. Mine has been repainted once so I cant tell.
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    Frame off starting new rebuilt engine.

    I am having trouble getting my car to crank. I have installed all of the wiring with the exception of one yellow wire that is included in the wiring harness on the right side of the engine compartment. This yellow wire is approxomately 1/8th of and inch ( I don't know guaging by sight). The...
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    1974 seatbelt interlock switch

    ELectrical issues usually are difficult for me. My question is about the seatbelt interlock switch that if I am not mistaken is exclusive of the 1974 model year. After 4 years of working on my frame off of my 74 convertible I have the body on and am very close to being ready to start the...
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    Expensive rebuild in storage

    I am concerned that I may be causing myself a problem with my engine. I hope that I am overly concerned. I have been into my restoration now for 2.5 years. The engine was rebuilt and is now on the 95% completed chassis. I have added oil to the cylinders and rotated them. Does anyone have any...
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    #s matching engine locator.

    My question is ; is it possible to replace an original #s matching engine with a non original #s matching engine and end up with a #s matching car? Do engines of the same model year match the #s of similar model years? I have heard of stories where engines have been found that made the car of...
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    Come and see my pictures !!!!!!

    zies8s 74 completed chassis. Pictures. Come and see my picture album. http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4292067851&idx=0
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    Body mounting " D-Day Coming" Help!

    Ok "Tech Heads" I am days away from putting the body back on the 74 convertible. I ve done everything according to the book. I built custom braces for the door openings (essential for lifting the body off of the convertible). I even built a custom rack to roll the body in and...
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