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    I am looking for an ECM with the GM PROM Chip if possible for my 1982 Corvette. All the difficulties I have experienced with my car leads back to my ECM. I do not have my original ECM. I thought a 1984 ECM would work since both vehicles have the crossfire engine, but apparently not. Apparently...
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    I am in desperate need for an ECM for my 1982 Corvette. The OEM part number is: 1225550. Can anyone help?
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    1982 Corvette Crossfire Injection Timing Issue?

    I am struggling to understand how to use the forum on this site or any site. So if anyone can help me in that area I would appreciate it. The main issue I have is with my 1982 Corvette crossfire injection car. I have done everything I can think of and yet my car still won't run right. I have...
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    I have come to a dead end with my 1982 Corvette. I have done everything to get it running perfectly. I have replaced everything. The last couple things I just did was have my ECM checked out, which is was fine. Then someone on here told me to buy a fuel pump relay, which I did. I also bought a...
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    Crossfire injection problems

    Hello, I have a 1982 Corvette. I have been trying to get this vehicle running correctly. I have replaced everything! I have had three different mechanics work on it. It now starts immediately and idles smoothly, but after a minute or two will die. This did not happen ever before today. When I...
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