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  1. stevolwevol

    float bowl boiling over

    I've been having an issue with E10 boiling out of my float bowl after the engine is warm It's a basic l48, with an aftermarket cam. My 77 has basically the same engine, with an Edlebrock intake. I do not have this with the 77, but I do with the 79. Ive heard the coolant passage that goes...
  2. stevolwevol

    Adjusting rear ride height

    My 79 rides just about 1/2 to 3/4" lower on the passenger side rear. Is it a good idea to raise the spring by turning the nut on the bolt that holds the spring? They are set exactly the same on each side which is almost to the end. If I did this, the passenger side would be turned in more...
  3. stevolwevol

    trouble shifting into 3rd gear after tranny is warm

    After my transmission is warm I sometimes have trouble with not shifting into 3rd gear (350 thm). If I go to neutral then back into drive it will shift. It also kicks down into 2nd well after it should as in if I am going 70, it kicks down almost hitting redline. I thought I'd post this before...
  4. stevolwevol

    Vapor lock with my 79?

    Since the weather has been warmer, I have been getting some minor vapor lock with my 79 L48. I don't get it with my 77 though. They are essentially the same engine, but I have a performance cam on the 79, the only difference. Yesterday I had a difficult time getting it started after sitting...
  5. stevolwevol

    Vacuum advance issues, and questions.

    I timed my 77 L48, when doing so I noticed the vacuum line that comes from the distributor connects to a thermal switch (probably controlled by water temp) then a check valve, then to the port on the carb. Is it necessary to have a thermal switch, and a check valve? the check valve allows air...
  6. stevolwevol

    Differential fluid change

    I am preparing to replace the differential fluid in my 79 (Eaton). I've read some say always use GM additive, and I've also read using NAPA etc is fine also. Is there a real difference? Is there such a thing as too much additive? My plan is Valvoline GL5, plus NAPA additive. Input would be...
  7. stevolwevol

    air shocks??

    I was inspecting the underneath of my 79, and I discovered that the previous owner installed air shocks on it. I put about 50 lbs of air in them, and it brought the back end up nicely (where it should be). That's probably why they are there due to tired leaf spring. My guess is that the upper...
  8. stevolwevol

    EGR delete

    I want to delete the EGR from my 79. There is a vacuum hose that leads from the EGR to the front of the intake, then it goes to the carb, but it splits off before the carb, and goes where? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. stevolwevol

    Correct wheels on my 79

    I recently picked up a 79 Vette in very good original condition, but I noticed the wheels, the slotted aluminum ones do not have black centers like they should have. Maybe they put 1980 wheels on at the plant, or someone put them on afterwards. Anybody ever seen this?
  10. stevolwevol

    Replacing lighter "scocket"

    I am attempting to remove the (female) part of the cig lighter. I was told by the vendor that it unscrews, but it just seems to turn around and around. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  11. stevolwevol

    Can rearend gears be gauged by speedometer/tachometer?

    I'm trying to figure the gearing in both of my Vettes. I'm revving about 3000 at 70 mph in my 77, and I rev 3400 at 70 with my 79. So far I've read that in 79 L48 with automatic trans came with 3.55 to 1, but it seems like it has 3.70 to 1. Maybe the previous owner changed ring and pinion, or...
  12. stevolwevol

    Turn signal indicator lights do not work, in my 79

    I just picked up a 79 L48/350hr/370:1 gears. Paint is original, and great, interior is very good, all original. 67,000 miles. It has the original exhaust as well, I'm getting duels on Thursday. I have a few little issues, one is the turn signal/hazard lights don't work. Can anybody tell me...
  13. stevolwevol

    wave in urethane bumper cover, can it be worked out?

    I've been trying to upload a pic of the rear of a 77. There is a wave where the lettering is in the urethane, and I would like to find a way to get it out.
  14. stevolwevol

    looking at a 77 L48

    I've been shopping for another vette, and I came across a 77 L48. Seems like a nice enough car, but I hear a noise in the tail pipes when running. Hard to describe a sound like this but it's a whispery sound tse tse tse. I thought it was something leaking past the valves maybe. Possibly...
  15. stevolwevol

    Looking at "frost blue" 79 vette

    I'm looking at a 79 frost blue l48 350thr. The color really looks white, but has a hint of baby blue. I can't find it as a color option that year. His mechanic attempted to fix the horn, but couldn't fix it. It sat out in the rain, and there was water on the passenger floor. The steering...
  16. stevolwevol

    using grease tool to grease spindle bearings

    I know a Corvette shop that will use the grease tool to grease the spindle bearings. The owner says it's works well, and the grease will migrate to the outer bearings, and should be good for over 50000 miles. Any input on this will be appreciated.
  17. stevolwevol

    Better aftermarket heads for my 77 L48

    I am considering replacing my stock heads to a good flowing aftermarket heads. I'm looking for better flow, and higher compression. I don't really know where to start, but I want to replace the cam also. This is for street use. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  18. stevolwevol

    Difficult to come off of high idle

    I've been driving in cooler than normal weather, but It seems like I am having trouble with the carb staying in high idle mode. It is idling high as I approach operating temp, then it finally lets off, but later than it should. I located the screw that adjusts the cam tension if that's what...
  19. stevolwevol

    PCV valve

    Is it necessary to have the PCV valve routed into the carb? I can help but to wonder why all those crankcase fumes needs to go into the carburetor. Can it be plugged at the carb, and a breather installed instead?
  20. stevolwevol

    Tire pressure

    I have noticed for a while the owners manual (77 Vette) calls for 20 lbs of pressure in the front, and 25 lbs in the back. This just doesn't seem right. It seems under inflated. Input would be helpful.
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