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  1. DDLS3

    Help! OK I think I've Screwed Up

    I pulled the fuse that is on the circuit that goes to the NPP exhaust. I inserted my tester probes to determine which side of the fuse is hot and now the fuse falls out when I try to put it back. How do I fix it! Really loud with the fuse pulled.........:duh
  2. DDLS3

    F/S Clearing out the garage sale

    Traded my C5 for a C6 have several Breathless Performance Parts "new" never installed and and some other goodies. Breathless Performance # 1. #100-217 relocated and recalibrated MAT sensor for 97-00 (new) already mounted in a stock air bridge $25 plus shipping SOLD 2. #100-221 172/178...
  3. DDLS3

    Sun is finally out in Kentucky JSB Pictures

    Well, after days of off and on rain, a bit of snow, and lots of clouds the sun finally came back out in Kentucky. The scenery isn't much yet but here a few pics of one great ride! :D
  4. DDLS3

    Question: Has anybody installed one of these

    http://thumbs1.ebaystatic.com/pict/310125829263_1.jpg Supposed to be another way to bypass CAGS :blue:
  5. DDLS3

    WOOHOOO Picked My new ride today

    WOOHOOO Picked up my new ride today Just got back from Morristown, TN where I just picked up an 08 Jetstream Blue Z51. The 4 hour trip home could have been twice as long and it would have been ok :thumb What a great ride! Too dark for pics tonight but I'll try and get some up soon. Meanwhile:lou
  6. DDLS3

    WTB 02 Electron Blue Parts and more

    Seems bad luck is in control here lately. Friday I whacked a deer on the way to work. Need a hood, R-headlight cover, R-front fender, R-headlight assembly, front bumper cover. Likely the list will grow as I get it apart. I will likely have to paint so EB is preferred but there are other options.
  7. DDLS3

    Help! No brake lights

    Anyone seen this before? The 4 large brake lights on my 02 have quit working. Bulbs are good, flashers work, turn signals work, the 3rd brake light (middle light) comes on when the brake is applied but none of the others. ;shrug Is it the brake light switch? Why does the middle light work and...
  8. DDLS3

    Tire Pressure Sensor

    I just replaced a tire pressure sensor this morning. But I don't have any reading. What do I need to do to program/learn the new sensor?
  9. DDLS3

    90 ZR-1 for sale

    I stumbled on to this earlier today. The price seems a little high, but it's a dealer so I'll bet there is wiggle room. The dealer is less than an hour from my house so if another CAC member from far away is serious I'll offer to go and take a look...
  10. DDLS3

    MM6 Transmission

    What is the MM6 transmission in an 02 coupe? Tremec or something else?
  11. DDLS3

    F/S 97-00 Air Bridge W/sensor

    97-00 stock air bridge with new Breathless Performance air temp sensor installed. (never used) $25 plus s/h
  12. DDLS3

    Window Problem

    My passenger window does not go up far enough to engage the tab on the window seal. As a result there is wind noise and water leakage when I wash the car. Is there an adjustment that I can make or is this likely to be a trip to the dealer?
  13. DDLS3

    FS Breathless Performance MAT

    For sale new Breathless Performance MAT sensor already mounted in an airbridge. Fits 97-00, the mat is in the re-located forward position, already calibrated. Paperwork included, the air bridge is not new but is in nearly new condition. $30 plus the shipping.
  14. DDLS3

    WTB Cold Air Intake

    Looking for a cold air intake kit to fit an 02.
  15. DDLS3

    Need Your Help PLEASE.....

    Does anyone know how to contact the owner of this FRC ;shrug http://www.corvettetraderonline.com/corvettes-for-sale/l1401.html I've called the brokers number listed twice and left voicemail, emailed 3 times and no response, all since last Friday. If anyone has info on how to contact this...
  16. DDLS3

    C3 door assembly FS

    A fellow church member has a C3 door for sale at a very right price. I believe he said it was the drivers side. Email if interested and I'll put you in coantact with Jason.
  17. DDLS3

    Relocated MAF sensor

    Has anyone done this mod? I have the recalibrated relocted MAF already installed in a replacement air bridge. The previous owner bought it and never installed it. Did it affect fuel consumption, was there a noticible gain in HP, problems, codes as a result? Trying to decide if I want to leave it...
  18. DDLS3

    WELL it's official!!

    My L81 is on the way to Edwards AFB in DC with a very excited and I'm certain still with a :D on his face, first time vette owner. I've encouraged him to visit the registry and the CAC and join in the fun. Yes indeed it is Andrews AFB...........my mistake:confused must be CRS
  19. DDLS3

    Hot Spot in Center Console

    Yesterday on the way home from Bowling Green I noticed a place just behind the shifter on the drivers side of the console that was very warm. It was several inches long and a couple inches wide. The opposite side of the console(passenger side) was cool. Has anyone else experenced this? Is it...
  20. DDLS3

    How many Nassau Blue FRC's?

    I know that there were 1034 total, coupes, verts, and FRC built in 1999. I've looked high and low for the breakdown as to how many were built in each body style. Does this information exist anywhere? :w
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