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  1. twiget

    To Z07 or not to Z07

    I'm contemplating ordering a Z06 before C7 production ends and the front engine 'Vette is gone forever. My question to you all is; is the Z07 package worth the extra $7- 11K (including the Level 2 ground effects)? I do intend on doing some local track events along with the One Lap of America...
  2. twiget

    LS3 C6 Vs. C4 ZR-1

    I was just doing some amrchair racing in my head and I began to wonder which would come out on top, the 436hp LS3 C6, or the 405hp DOHC LT-5 ZR-1. On paper, it would apear that the LS3 would win. 31 more horsepower, and a couple hundered pounds lighter, it seems obvious. Has anyone raced a...
  3. twiget

    How to Wash and Wax Your Corvette’s Paint

    Guess what I spent the day doing? Yep, washing and waxing my car. Apparently I recently parked under a tree that was dripping sap. Now I’ve got 4 dime sized spots of sap on my car. I have not had a chance to detail her paint yet this year, so this is the perfect excuse. I figured I would write...
  4. twiget

    Break Pedal Popping

    My '08 C6 has developed a popping issue in the brake pedal. When the car is cold and I press down on the brake pedal I feel a little pop about 1/2 through the stroke of the pedal. It does not affect the performance of the brakes though. As the car warms up, the popping becomes softer and softer...
  5. twiget

    2009 World Performance Car Finalists Announced

    NEW YORK — Five German cars, including two Mercedes-Benz AMG models, make up half the slate of cars vying for the 2009 World Performance Car title, it was announced on Friday. The 10 finalists for the prestigious title include the Nissan GT-R, the Audi RS6 Avant and a sole domestic model — the...
  6. twiget

    News: Grand Sport No. 002 Going up for Auction

    '63 Chassis No. 002 is going to be auctioned off in Arizona. The car has been restored back to its '66 racing regalia, with a 616hp 427 under the hood. The last time I heard about one of the original 5 Grand Sports being auctioned off, it went for around $2 million. It will be interesting...
  7. twiget

    High Praise

    The company I work for is developing a pump for Audi. It is going to go in the Diesel powered version of their Q7 SUV's. We have been working on this project for well over a year now, and it has had its ups and downs, like any project. A group of Audi engineers came for a visit last week, to...
  8. twiget

    News: Corvette Makes Car and Driver Top 10 List

    Finally, an award or news story about something other than the '09 ZR1! The 09 Corvette coupe and convertible are once again awarded with a spot in the Car and Driver top 10 list. The Cadillac CTS and CTS-V also made the list. :thumb Jason
  9. twiget

    Got This in my Email Today...

    :thumb Jason
  10. twiget

    News: ZR1 Runs 7:22.4 at Nurburgring!

    The eGMCarTech website just posted a story about the ZR1 beating it's own record at Nurburing, and besting the Ferrari Enzo in the process. You can find the story here. :v Jason
  11. twiget

    Crossed Flags Badges

    Are the Corvette crossed flag badges on the front and rear of the car just stuck on with 3M adhesive, or are there posts on the backside of the badges that secure them to the body pannels? Jason
  12. twiget

    Oil Consumption

    How much oil should I expect my LS3 to consume between oil changes? I just changed her oil, and she was about 1/2 quart low. To be fair, there were 15 or so passes down the drag strip, so some oil consumption is to be expected. Just trying to get a feel for what is average. :thumb Jason
  13. twiget

    Lust's License Plate

    So I've been debating on what I want for a personalized license plate. So far I've come up with the below ideas: Lust, C6 Lust... Or what ever variation that has not been used 12X2NDS = 12.x Seconds She is a 12 second car :) DDLYSIN = Deadly Sin Lust is one of the 7 deadly sins...
  14. twiget

    Question: Driving Position

    Is there a way to lower the seats in a C6, beyond the limit of pushing the down button on the power seats I mean? I'm almost 6'6" tall, and in my normal driving position I have about 1" between the top of my head and the underside of the roof. The helmet I wear when I go to the strip is a good...
  15. twiget

    Dick Guildstrand's GSRT

    It has been a while since I've heard about any tuner cars comming from Guildstrand, but then I found a story on Edmunds.com about Guildstrand's GSRT, or "Grand Sport Removable Targa" The story dosent mention any performance numbers, but considering the $95,000 price tag (on top of a new Z06)...
  16. twiget

    Question: Snell Racing Helmet

    For some reason the local drag strip wont let me run my car with out a helmet. :D Does anyone have any favorites? Any recommendations? Jason
  17. twiget

    Question: Another Key Fob Question

    So riddle me this: I usually use key fob #1, and every time I go to open the door with the fob in my pocket, it opens, just like it is supposed to. Lately however, when I try to start the car, there will be a lot of clicking, and the DIC will show "No Fob Detected", and the security icon will...
  18. twiget

    Is This The C7 Corvette?

    Just found this pic on Bad Boy Vettes.com. According to Left Lane News.com this is the 2011 C7 and it will appear in the forth comming Transformers 2 movie. This car is definitely a good fit for a Transformers movie, but that front end looks more like a Cadillac XLR than a Corvette. From the...
  19. twiget

    Key Fob Range

    Is there a way to reduce the range of the key fob? My work area is about 20 yards from where I park my car every day, and it is not unusual to hear my alarm blaring because the panic button has been pressed while in my pants pocket. I've also come out on more than one occasion and found that the...
  20. twiget

    Brake and Clutch Fluid

    I was cleaning under the hood today, and I checked the brake and clutch fluid reservoirs. The clutch fluid is almost black, and should probably be changed. I'm not too surprised about that, because I did do 5 runs down the strip a few weeks ago. The brake fluid surprised me though, it is dark...
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