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  1. 68Roadster

    For Sale 2017 1LT Z51 Coupe For Sale

    SOLD I'm putting my 2017 Coupe up for sale, nothing wrong with the car, just looking to move up to a Grand Sport. Purchased new in Dec 2017.The car is spotless, no issues to date, oil changed @ 500 mi. as required an just had an oil change last week. Specifics below, thanks for taking a look...
  2. 68Roadster

    2006 C6 Helm Factory Manuals

    Looking to sell my set of 2006 factory manuals. Great condition, never really used. $75.00 firm plus shipping. $140.00 new Thanks!
  3. 68Roadster

    Thats what I'm talking about!

    #48 JJ - Thats what I'm talking about!
  4. 68Roadster

    2006 Factory Service Manuals

    Still trying to unload a like new set of Helm Factory Service Manuals. 100.00, original cost was 140.00 Thanks!
  5. 68Roadster

    Factory (Helm) 3 Vol. C6 Service Manuals

    I have the 3 volume set of the Service Manuals for a 2006. These have been on the shelf since I bought them. She has the car and I have the books. $135.00 new, will ship ground anywhere in the continental US for $115.00 Thanks, Cee
  6. 68Roadster

    C6 Nav System - Update

    Has anyone received update disc's to their navigation system? I seem to recall hearing that GM would supply free updates to the nav system CD/DVD on a yearly basis. Has been 1 year since we bought the car and no updates rec'd as of yet. Thanks!
  7. 68Roadster

    Radiator Install - Questions

    The old radiator has given up the ghost and I opted for a new DeWitts Direct Fit aluminum as a replacement. The car is a '68, base motor (SB) with 4 speed and Air....previous research has shown that SB's w/out air and SB's with air require several different parts. Air cars tend to take more...
  8. 68Roadster

    C5 Sunshield F/S

    This is a sunshield for the C5 Corvette P/N is 46448 from Ecklers. Has a small crease in the upper left hand corner courtesy of some shipping idiot but otherwise is fine. 30 bucks plus shipping. Also have a tail bib, Ecklers P/N 36855, great condition (she never used it). 20 bucks plus...
  9. 68Roadster

    2004 Factory Service Manuals F/S

    I have the 2 volume 2004 Factory Service Manual set purchased from Helm Inc a few years back. Original purchase price is $135.00 Looking to sell at $95.00 plus shipping. They are in good condition, no torn pages or grease marks. Thanks!
  10. 68Roadster

    It's all 6 Shooters fault....

    ....we swapped over to the Banana side. Mrs 68Roadster drove her brand spanking new VY coupe home today. Took a little wrangling at the dealership but we got a great deal. I've been playing with buttons all night. THIS CAR IS AWESOME! I hope she racks up the 500 break in miles soon cuz I'm...
  11. 68Roadster

    Here we go...Texas Mo Speedway

    Hardcore NASCAR customers arrived today and the next 3 days will be filled with racing....up early, fighting traffic, walking many miles, the smell of tire smoke, 3 hour waits to get out of the parking lot, getting home late and starting over the next day. Tomorrow is Cup qualifying and the IROC...
  12. 68Roadster

    59 & 67 on Barrett Jackson

    A beautiful green 67 w/427/435 went for 92k, a 59 is going across right now, 283 FI vert, 87k...... Maybe someday mine will finance my grandkids college education.....these prices are crazy!
  13. 68Roadster

    *!%$#& Brake Lights on 1968

    In the process of getting the old roadster inspected it failed for non working brake lights. Troubleshooting revealed a bad switch (up above the pedal). Trying to find the replacement switch has turned into a nightmare. Seems GM changed the switch in '68 from what they had been using in '67...
  14. 68Roadster

    Finally under construction

    This has been planned since about last September but the rains in Dallas during the winter never cooperate. Finally got started about 3 weeks ago. Doing all the work myself so it's slow going. This will actually house the boat, tools and lawn stuff. The main garage will be the Vette shrine...
  15. 68Roadster

    Padding under Sill Plates

    ...anyone know what these pads were made of, how thick or where you can buy them.....this is for a '68... Thanks
  16. 68Roadster

    Ammeter Readings

    I did some extensive searching thru previous posts but have not seen anything related to my current problem. I replaced the battery today because of a bad cell. The car cranked right up after installation but I noticed that the ammeter follows the throttle movement. Just idling, the ammeter...
  17. 68Roadster

    Strut Rod Bracket Position

    I'm putting my rear end back together.....out of all the items I marked prior to removal, the one I didn't mark was the strut rod bracket. Probably just laid it down in the position it was removed from the car. That was sandblasting, etching and painting ago so now I have no idea which way it...
  18. 68Roadster

    Diff Side Yoke Bearings

    ...anybody got a good way to remove these puppies short of disassembling the differential?? All contributions will be greatly appreciated..... Thanks, Cee
  19. 68Roadster

    Experience Appraising Vehicles

    Does anyone have any experience appraising old Sharks or getting appraisals done? My dilemma is that I need to investigate getting adequate insurance coverage based on actual cash value and I don't want to be too low or too high. I am the second owner of my '68 and it's a weirdly optioned car...
  20. 68Roadster

    Shark Diff Crossmember

    So whats the trick in removing the differential crossmember (besides the obvious 2 bolts) after 36 years?? The bolts are out and I have tried a litle pry bar action but I haven't attempted brute force. Also, any special tools required to replace the 2 bushings/cushions that are installed in the...
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