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  1. 77coolvett

    Question: BUILD SHEET

    Does anyone know of a website or place to plug in the vin of a 77 and have it decoded? also is ther anyone whe reproduces the build sheets?
  2. 77coolvett


    does anyone in the Minneapolis Mn area know who does alignments on a 77? I cant find anyone who wants to do it?
  3. 77coolvett

    Misc Corvette parts huge lot

    would you have the rear window interior plastic trim piece for late 77? also a rear defrost switch for the 77? and a cruise control cable?
  4. 77coolvett

    Wanted Cruise control cable

    Hello my fellow vetters, I am in need of a cruise control cable and diaphragm for my 77. Or does anyone know how to convert or make one from other years and piece it together. I have been on the hunt for quite sometime and still no luck.
  5. 77coolvett

    Help! Ac repair.

    Sorry for the delay. Thank you all for the advice. here's my problem, unfortunately I do not know anyone with the r12 manifold set. Mine will work but I need a adaptor that screws onto the high and low side ports. low side on the compressor and high side on the accumulator. Your correct that...
  6. 77coolvett

    Help! Ac repair.

    I have a all original 77 L82 that the ac is not working. I was able to score 3 cans of r12 ac refrigerant. I have manifold Guage set that is compatible with both r12 and r134 systems. However the adapters will not screw onto the fitting on the back of the compressor. The fitting is to close to...
  7. 77coolvett


    I am somewhat familiar with a/c systems. i want to keep mine r12, I actually have r12 cans of freon. my manifold gauges will work with both r12 and r134 systems. i just need to put the correct adaptor on my compressor (low side) so my manifold hose will hook up to it. the r12 fitting that has...
  8. 77coolvett


    My 77 has a am GM 8 track digital radio in the dash. Does not work. After removing it appears the wiring has been patched. Is it possible the first owner tried to install a later model stereo in the car and couldn't get it to work. The radio has 3 plugs blue,black, white, the speakers have on...
  9. 77coolvett

    Help! 77 corvette sway.

    Help please. My corvette has developed what I call the sway. When at highway speeds and you accelerate or let off the throttle the car seems to sway. I have read some things on this. My u joints,brakes, rotors, calipers, are all brand new and tight. There is no play where shafts to the wheels...
  10. 77coolvett

    77 vette cruise control vacuum diaphram

    Does anyone know where to get a vacuum diaphram for the cruise control?
  11. 77coolvett

    Cruise control cable

    Anyone know where I can get a cruise control cable for my 77? Anyone know how to adjust the cable? The one I have seems to be a 1/4" short from reaching the carb stud, any ideas? And yes I have adjusted the cable at the bracket trying to get enough play to hook it up to the carb. The cable I...
  12. 77coolvett

    Side pipes

    Does anyone have experience with side pipes on a 77 Vette? brand ect, or suggestions as what are the best ones more for looks than noise.
  13. 77coolvett

    Testing for 77coolvett

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  14. 77coolvett


    Can anyone recommend a radio repair center or someone who might restore vintage car radios? or has anyone upgraded their radio and has an original am fm 8 track they would be willing to sell?
  15. 77coolvett

    77 vette

    Does anyone know how to un grease the steering valve? I replaced the pump and all was fine until I crawled under my car and decided to grease all the fittings, must have put to much grease in as the second I did that the steering became a bit harder to steer. The pump is working like it should...
  16. 77coolvett


    HELP..... I replaced all the light bulbs in the dash of my 77. Now upon reassembly and testing when turning on the lights everything is on and flashing and one tail light is lit. Both turn signal indiaciators are lit and the hi beam is lit. I also replaced the headlig switch. I have no where to...
  17. 77coolvett

    Help! Radio, rear defrost switch

    Hello all, I'm new to corvettes Just bought a 77 l82, I love it, but the Radio (factory 8 track and digital display) does not work, it powers on but no display or sound, I'm on a budget and need a few things, I would have bought one completely restored but this is all I can afford. Can anyone...
  18. 77coolvett

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