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  1. stevolwevol

    float bowl boiling over

    So I ruled the hear riser out. I'm thinking about blocking the passage that warms the carb with a new intake gasket and blocking the ports. If this cools the float bowl, then maybe this will be something I should do. I did not have this with my 77 even with the stock intake, and they are...
  2. stevolwevol

    float bowl boiling over

    Alright, I found my heat riser from my 77, and it was in the open position. The heat riser was not stuck closed. I was hoping this was the issue, but It's not.
  3. stevolwevol

    float bowl boiling over

    Tom, I have a heat riser, but there is no linkage attached to it. I can rotate it clockwise, counterclockwise. It was rotated to the left (counterclockwise). Can you tell me which way opens and closes the heat riser? I have a feeling that is my problem. If I can keep it open, then my issue...
  4. stevolwevol

    float bowl boiling over

    That's very interesting. Now I remember what I heard. It's exhaust, not coolant. I'll check the heat riser issue also. I was thinking of changing the gaskets to keep the float bowl cooler. Thank you Tom
  5. stevolwevol

    float bowl boiling over

    I've been having an issue with E10 boiling out of my float bowl after the engine is warm It's a basic l48, with an aftermarket cam. My 77 has basically the same engine, with an Edlebrock intake. I do not have this with the 77, but I do with the 79. Ive heard the coolant passage that goes...
  6. stevolwevol

    Adjusting rear ride height

    Well, shocks aren't that expensive, or difficult to install. If I am troubled by this in the spring time I may just get delco. Maybe the mono springs destroyed the KYB's by over working them. Who knows. As I mentioned before, the aftermarket mono spring was way too bouncy, and caused the...
  7. stevolwevol

    Adjusting rear ride height

    Going by what you are describing, the KYB in my opinion the rebound is too soft, to much. It's not so bad that I need to replace them, but for instance, when on the Highway if I go over a dip the back comes up too much coming out of it. My 79 acts different, and it has original 7 leaf.
  8. stevolwevol

    Adjusting rear ride height

    The KYB's seem to rebound a bit too high. If I'm on the highway and go over a "dip" it just seems to rebound too much, as if the shocks are weak. Hard to explain, but that's what I feel. The 7 leaf is brand new, and they are supposed to be stiffer than the 9 leaf. I installed the KYB's last...
  9. stevolwevol

    Adjusting rear ride height

    Hello Tom, The KYB's seem to be adaquate, but I was hoping for a stiffer shock. I might try the Delco's , the one's you put on, or something similar to them. Maybe the Bistein's? Can you tell me anything about them? I apologize for not responding to this sooner, I live in Michigan, and my...
  10. stevolwevol

    Adjusting rear ride height

    I forgot about this post, but I did replace the rear mono spring with a 7 leaf. Ride height is back to where is should be now. and it rides much better. The after market spring was way too bouncy. So much so, i believe it prematurely wore the shocks out. I replaced them with KYB's.
  11. stevolwevol

    The First 1972 Corvette Built is Set to Hit the Mecum Auction Block This Weekend

    That's sweet! The description said it came with a 350 tranny, wouldn't a big block have come with a 400?
  12. stevolwevol

    Adjusting rear ride height

    I looked it over the best I can, and didn't see anything obvious. The car rides nice, handles great, and doesn't squeak. I'm sure it would be a good idea to replace the spring (7 leaf), but that's a next spring thing. The nuts are almost at the end of the bolts on the 79. I would like to...
  13. stevolwevol

    Adjusting rear ride height

    My 79 rides just about 1/2 to 3/4" lower on the passenger side rear. Is it a good idea to raise the spring by turning the nut on the bolt that holds the spring? They are set exactly the same on each side which is almost to the end. If I did this, the passenger side would be turned in more...
  14. stevolwevol

    trouble shifting into 3rd gear after tranny is warm

    After my transmission is warm I sometimes have trouble with not shifting into 3rd gear (350 thm). If I go to neutral then back into drive it will shift. It also kicks down into 2nd well after it should as in if I am going 70, it kicks down almost hitting redline. I thought I'd post this before...
  15. stevolwevol

    Vapor lock with my 79?

    Since the weather has been warmer, I have been getting some minor vapor lock with my 79 L48. I don't get it with my 77 though. They are essentially the same engine, but I have a performance cam on the 79, the only difference. Yesterday I had a difficult time getting it started after sitting...
  16. stevolwevol

    Vacuum advance issues, and questions.

    I timed my 77 L48, when doing so I noticed the vacuum line that comes from the distributor connects to a thermal switch (probably controlled by water temp) then a check valve, then to the port on the carb. Is it necessary to have a thermal switch, and a check valve? the check valve allows air...
  17. stevolwevol

    Differential fluid change

    I am preparing to replace the differential fluid in my 79 (Eaton). I've read some say always use GM additive, and I've also read using NAPA etc is fine also. Is there a real difference? Is there such a thing as too much additive? My plan is Valvoline GL5, plus NAPA additive. Input would be...
  18. stevolwevol

    air shocks??

    I was inspecting the underneath of my 79, and I discovered that the previous owner installed air shocks on it. I put about 50 lbs of air in them, and it brought the back end up nicely (where it should be). That's probably why they are there due to tired leaf spring. My guess is that the upper...
  19. stevolwevol

    EGR delete

    I want to delete the EGR from my 79. There is a vacuum hose that leads from the EGR to the front of the intake, then it goes to the carb, but it splits off before the carb, and goes where? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  20. stevolwevol

    Correct wheels on my 79

    I recently picked up a 79 Vette in very good original condition, but I noticed the wheels, the slotted aluminum ones do not have black centers like they should have. Maybe they put 1980 wheels on at the plant, or someone put them on afterwards. Anybody ever seen this?
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