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  1. Excitable Boy

    OEM Repacement Upper Leather Seat Covers?

    As I understand it, for most of the C6's run, there was a lot of complaints that there was inadequate support in the seats for sporty driving, specifically the lateral seat bolsters. My searching seems to indicate that this was addressed in the 2012 & 2013 models. One of the few visible wear...
  2. Excitable Boy

    California - Front License Plate Requirement & Mount?

    In Cali where I live, the vehicle code seems to require a front license plate, although the used C6 I bought from a Toyota didn't come with one and there's no mount for one on the front of my car. So far, I've seen a couple of police officers but haven't been pulled over for it. I am concerned...
  3. Excitable Boy

    New To The corvette Community

    I've wanted a sports car for a fair number of years, but there have always been other, more responsible things to spend money on. I'm an outsides sales rep and spend a lot of time on the road in an SUV (Honda Pilot these days) as that form factor works really well for work for me. As you can...
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