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    Anybody heard of a "wrist pin noise" ?

    My 96 was taken in lately and when I got it back it developed a "clacking" noise wasn't loud but just annoying. Drove if for a few days and it just was bothering me. Took it back to the guys who always work on both my vettes and after a couple of days Dave called me back and said it was a...
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    do I need to replace my Bose speakers in my 96 vette with Bose speakers

    Can I change out the Bose speakers and put in some other brand or are Bose the only ones I can or should use Thanx Gordon
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    Code P0336 - only Service light comes on no other signs

    96 LT1 - Front End Under carriage took a bad hit about 3 weeks ago, $3k worth of damage Service light was not on before taking it to the dealer. Now code is on even after clearing it. Dealer says they replaced the crankshaft sensor and it still came on. They said to replace the computer. Just...
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    water temp maxing out..oil temp on second mark after 215 degrees after front end bottoming out

    96 CE, was with my daughter yesterday and while making a left turn the front bottomed out on something really hard. Never made that loud of a sound before so while driving back home to look at what damage was done my Oil pressure was about 50 lbs while driving, the Oil Temp was at the second...
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    Using Freon with leak seal ( OK or bad for the AC system )

    96 was low on freon so added till guages said ok, but its blowing warm again and wondering if using freon with leak seal is ok to use ? Thanx in advance Gordon
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    what makes the A/C cycle on and off and blow hot air then back to cold

    96 CE LT1, when idling the A/C will recycle sorta on and off and blow hot air then back to cold then recycle back to hot air. Especially rough here in AZ when the past 2 days has been 105. Know its not low on Freon ( but maybe too much ? ) Thanx as always Gordon
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    96 CE giving codes p0171 - p0174 Bank 1 and 2 lean

    I looked up past threads on these and seems only 2 options - Through in a bottle of Techron and replace the fuel pump. Engine light doesn't stay on all the time. Any other options or just replace the pump and see what happens. Gordon
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    96 CE wipers will not turn off

    Turned on the wipers yesterday ( and yes we have to use out wipers even here in Phoenix sometimes :L), then they wouldn't shut off had to turn off and on the engine then they would shut off. Any ideas would be most appreciated. Gordon
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    85 - Inside door handle just moves, have to reach outside to open door

    All of a sudden the inside door handles just move like opening door but that's it. Have to reach outside and use that door handle to open door. Would it be that Hook piece I have seen on YouTube or maybe sumthin else. Thanx as always Gordon Just found a couple of older posts on this issue...
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    location of a couple of relays

    1985 need to find out the location of the "headlight actuator relay" and the "headlight actuator isolation relay" FSM doesn't seem to know Thanx G
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    brake light on console display flickers on and off - 1985 4+3

    The brake light in the center display console ( service engine soon and battery lights are ) flickers, normally it is only on when the emergency brake is engaged but keeps coming on either solid or flickering. FSM says nuthin thanx Gordon
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    Bronze top separating from frame

    my 85 couple has a bronze see through top, noticed some vibration coming from top the other day and pushed up on the driver side front corner and the bronze top is separating from its frame that its fastened to. Anybody know what I could or should use to fasten it back down ? Thanx in advance...
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    On my 85 have to smack the headlight after turning on the headlights

    Have to smack the headlight on the driver side after turning on the headlights to get to open up, right one is fine. But its taking more smacks lately, any ideas as to what needs replacing ? Thanx in advance Gordon
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    96 CE Windshield Wiper question

    Raining here in Phoenix yesterday, driving around turned on the wipers and they worked normally. Turned them off and they just kept going for about another 2 min then turned off. Also the delay has only one speed and they would stop with the wipers stopped on the full open on the outside of...
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    way to find out if my 85 has positraction

    Curious to find out if my 85 has positraction not. Has manual 4+3 Nash and when I jump on it in first there is no fish tail, just slamming forward unlike my 95 CE Auto which does try to fishtail but the ARS stops it. G
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    '85 Brake light flickering

    My 85 has Brake light has started Flickering on and off, from barely coming on to coming on normal brightness. Parking brake is off, fluid is full. Any other ideas Thanx Gordon
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    stumbling around and worse as it gets hotter here in Phoenix

    96 LT1 CE, rarely gives me issues but lately has started stumbling and have to give it more gas to stop it but as it gets hotter here in Phoenix ( today its 112 ) stumbles more at low speeds and high speeds. I have a new fuel filter and plugs but just to damn hot to work on it. 85 is in the...
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    water temp display keeps going back to showing voltage

    85' keeps flipping back to showing voltage and not water temp, even if I flip the switch to off it keeps showing voltage. It is the 3 position switch on the dash ( up is temp, middle is off and down is voltage), not sure if its the switch or what else it could be. Any thoughts ? and as always...
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    Cassette ( yeah I know "old school" ) stuck in player and will not eject

    My 96 CE will not eject the cassette out, any ideas as to how to get it out without tearing the console apart. It is the stock Bose unit with cd/cassette. Thanx as always Gordon
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    Thump, Thump noise from driver side inside engine compartment

    My 96 CE has developed a thumping noise sometimes after turning the engine off. Doesn't do it all the time and averages 4-6 thumps. Seems to be coming from around the computer area but cannot isolate it. Any thoughts ? Thanx Gordon
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