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  1. Robertwav1

    Installed new opti-spark in 92 base corvette and now won't start

    Following this thread, did you ever redo that intake? Post an update please.
  2. Robertwav1

    C4s design

    You know what guys.....I'm likin the C4 emblem more and more with each passing year! I did think it looked ugly at one time compared to the new V-flags. Thinkin on gettin some new ones on Amazon though, mine, a little faded.
  3. Robertwav1


    TopFlightAutomotive.com ... they have diagrams, might be useful?
  4. Robertwav1

    Installed new opti-spark in 92 base corvette and now won't start

    Following this. Wondering why so many issues with Opti's. Like Junk says parts are not reliable and bad out of the box. Hope you made out okay, please post when it's rectified.
  5. Robertwav1

    Twas the night before Christmas

    Love it, Have a great Xmas, I'll be using the vette a lot in this beauitiful Florida weather were having! Never gets old, always "Feels like the first time"!
  6. Robertwav1

    Insulation coming out of dash vents

    I don't have any idea but maybe check with the shop that did the check valve replacement, maybe they give you insight on how that could happen. Insulation shouldn't be part of the ducts that are plastic passageways with insulation being only on the outside?
  7. Robertwav1

    Question: 1993 C4 Interior Light Timer - Location?

    A great help reading this, it pertains to a 93 as well....see attached
  8. Robertwav1

    Dash Cam?

    Anyone have a preference for a dash cam for the C4? I had one on the mirror but too heavy, looking for something small. I have the power there and will probably make up a bracket for it that uses the mirror screw. Thanks
  9. Robertwav1

    PKE remote?

    Hello, Was wondering if anyone knows where I might be able to send a messed up PKE remote for repair. I looked for replacements however, not in stock. I did manage to buy a new case for one of the remotes I am now using. The other needs a new case but also the wire wrap inside is messed up and...
  10. Robertwav1

    Radio Antenna

    Hey all, Has anyone upgraded the antenna with a hidden one? Mine works fine as I changed the motor some years back adding the switch so it don't come up all the time. I just thought a hidden one would be more up with the times. Are they just as good, that would be my next question. Thanks!
  11. Robertwav1


    Hey All, Own a 93 C4 and driving down the vets expressway here in Florida. Im crusin along 72-73 mph and out of nowhere a C7 comes blowing by me at my guess 160 - 170. Anyway, the exhaust sounded awesome and felt like a jet went by. With absolutely no traffic on that road he was a mile in front...
  12. Robertwav1

    Brakes again....

    So I order this brake kit, slotted and drilled rotors, nice ceramic pads. They never ever send the anti-rattle clips even with a kit. Love the new brakes but seems like every time I do a brake job on any car I always ask myself, why can't they give you new clips? Just sayin...l
  13. Robertwav1

    Master cylinder failed

    One of the scariest things, brake peddle goes to the floor, pumping brakes nothing happens, emergency brake came in handy. Thank the dear lord I didn't have stop fast. This is the second time in my life time this has happened to me. Cylinder just quit. I guess we should always be prepared for...
  14. Robertwav1

    02 sensors

    Hey all, Fighting this idle issue with my 93 LT1. When the car is warm in closed loop only do I get a rough idle for a few seconds and then it disappears and idles fine. Okay, no codes, starting to think O2 sensors. I had this happen on an Obd2 PCM on a different vehicle. It would idle rough in...
  15. Robertwav1

    Rough idle after long run...

    Working on a little problem I'm experiencing. Take my car out, runs perfect. Drive for 20 miles or so and shut it down. Start it again and it has a hard time idling to the point where it will stall. This clears up rather quickly after it get over the rough idle in a few seconds and everything is...
  16. Robertwav1

    Thermostat Question?

    1993 guys and I'm draining all the old anti-freeze. I'm replacing knock sensors just because ther out of the car. I live in Florida and haven't had any issues cooling but I'm wondering if I should leave the thermostat out. Never use heat here. The inside of the car warms up pretty good even...
  17. Robertwav1


    Hey all, I recently filled up my tank (usually every three months or so). I noticed the fuel gauge the last few times, maybe more has been lagging or failing to register. I use to be able to shut down and fire it back up again and all would be good. I know there is no recommendation to a fuel...
  18. Robertwav1


    I have a 93 coupe and I thought as the car reaches it 25th year I could get an antique tag but, looking on the DMV here in Florida it has to be 30 years old. Just curious if other states are different and recognize 25 years as old as dirt for a car. No biggy, just thought I could save a little...
  19. Robertwav1

    Question: Fob

    Hello All, The FOB remote, does anyone have a place that repair and or replaces the plastic case. I have one that works but would like to have another in case it gives up as well. I did find someone that used to repair them, sent an e-mail and waiting for a response. Just thought I'd ask in...
  20. Robertwav1


    Anyone see the new C-8 pics codenamed "Emporer? Hard to tell a lot about it and the fact it's supposedly gonna be a mid engine car with electric capabilities of propelling it some 15 miles. I guess that's what their talking about. I love the latest corvette with it's sleek lines C-7) and it's...
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