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    Hio all, am getting a replacement aluminium radiator for my '91. I guess it's the same as for my '88. Could anyone confirm this ?.., as the manufacturerer states it's for models, up to 1989 only ?..Roger.
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    Shock absorbers

    Hi all, I need to put new shocks on my "88. I cant run to Bilsteins at the moment, so I'm considering KYB's, or are there better, in that price range ? Any suggestions would be much appreciated....Thanks.. Roger.
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    Corvette v Camaro

    I read that the new Camaro has 35 bhp more than the Corvette. Just doesn't seem 'right' to me. I'm wondering how others may feel about this......Roger.
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    '84 r/h front suspension

    Hi all, looking for the upper and lower control arms knuckle and spindle. I understand it has to be '84 to '87.......Roger.
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    After market seats for 1988

    Hi all, My originals (fabric) are starting to split, so I'm wondering if there are suitable, low cost, replacements avaiable. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.......Roger...:w
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    Fuel pump gaqsket.

    Hi all, I've got the new fuel pump and all I need to do is install it......but I cant locate a gasket. The usual parts stores come up with a 5 sided thing. Perhaps I'm decribing it incorrectly, I think it to be the oblong shape, with rounded corners and provision for 8 or 9 fixing bolts/studs...
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    fuel delivery

    Hi all, I decided to go with Hibs Airtex recommendation, in no small way, as it is by far the cheapest option. However, with the engine running, with the old pump, the pressure, at the rail, is varying from about 28 PSI to 39 PSI. Could this also be a relay, or other, problem, rather than...
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    Fuel pump replacement

    Hi all, I need to replace the fuel pump on my '88. I would appreciate help from members as to which make and which supplier ? Thanks in advance......Roger. :w
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    fuel filter

    Hi all, I'll be putting in a fuel; filter, a Fram or a Purolator (made in China). Should I pick one over the other, or doesn't it really matter ? Thanks for any pointers........Roger...:w
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    Aluminium radiator for an '88 - re Boomdriver.

    Hi all, I've got the ole OEM plastic radiator problem, leaking at the seams. So I'd like to get the same aluminium one that Boom used as a replacement, some time ago. I had put the link in my favourites but cannot now access it. Anyone know it ? A link would be much appreciated.......Roger.
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    starts then dies

    The other evening I was caught in crawl/stop traffic for about 45 minutes, ambient around 60F. saw that the temperature gauge was reading 221F. ambient, a little high but, nothing to worry about, I thought. WRONG. Pulled into the store parking lot, shut off cleanly. Came back 20 minutes later...
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    Help to pass SoCal smog

    My '88 was running badly at low revs in OD, so on advice, I plugged off the EGR, reconnected it for my last smog test and scraped through with MAX HO readings of 112 and 86. It's due again in 3 weeks and, I'm sure, it will fail. All other readings were low. What should I do ? Any help is greatly...
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    A friend

    Hi all, I'm normally in the C4 section but, this is about a friend's '54 Vette. It runs fine but refuses to start when hot. It will not crank unless allowed to cool for 10 minutes. Battery is good, starter solenoid and battery cables have been replaced. Could it be the starter relay ? Any...
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    A friend

    Hi all, not mine but, a friends '54 which wont start when hot. I'm going to post in the correct forum but wondered if anyone here that had the C1 as well would care to give me some help........Roger.
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    How do I find the key number ?

    Hi all, How do I convert the ohm reading of my '88 ignition key to the key number ? ..thanks.....Roger....:confused
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    No crank....then crank !

    I returned to my parked '88 Vette, turned the key, dim dash light and no crank, tried again, same thing. I got the booster from the back, it was down on charge, tried it anyway, no difference. Got out the jump leads found a donor, as he was on his way over, I tried it once more, fired right up...
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    C4 ignition key needed

    Hi all, I need to have a duplicate ignition key cut for my '88 C4. It seemed to me that Ecklers say that there's just one blank for the '86-'94 models. So do I take my key to the dealer and they cut from it ? Thanks for any help on this......Roger.
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    EGR solenoid ?

    Hi all, I recently plugged off the vacuum line to the EGR, as a temporary 'fix' for the lumpy running, I was experiencing at low revs under load. I've put off getting to the EGR until I can afford the injectors, I intend to replace, when doing this. Now I'me told it may be the solenoid. I...
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    What's happening with the new Renegade.? The silence has been deafening!....Roger.....:w
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    oil additives

    Hi, Could someone let me know the take on oil additives such as Lucas, for addressing valve seals leaking down and also in regard to turbo charged engines.? Thank you.....Roger.
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