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    Question: Running temps

    I don't think i have a problem but want to be sure. I've noticed my temps seem to be a lot higher than normal since changing the ratio in my diff from 2.72 to 3.36. Before my coolant temp would never go over 200 but now regularly goes up to around 220, and the oil temp which would never go over...
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    Question: Parking brake

    is there anything that could make the parking brake weak on one side? i have fairly new shoes and hardware (no more than two years old), if i adjust the side that is weaker any stronger then it starts to drag.
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    Bubba strikes again

    Replacing the seat belt in my 81 as someone had put fixed (3 point) belts in, and they were just annoying me. Started on the drivers side found two of the bolts were the wrong bolts. Even a child should be able to spot that they were not right. The passenger side still had the correct bolts...
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    A few winter Jobs

    With winter approaching I plan to sort out a few of the oil leaks I've been ignoring on my '81. First is from the engine. I believe it is the rear main seal causing the leak. (engine oil on the bell housing) Since I've got the pan off I'll do the Pan gasket at the same time. Anything else I...
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    Intake duct

    Looking for the centre air intake duct for my 81 (the one that goes over the radiator. this is the same one that was used on the L82 motors also. GM part# 14016116. I did have one coming but it got lost in transit, and now the only ones I can find people want silly money for. Does anyone have...
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    Tach circuit board calibration

    Anyone have any tips for calibrating a new circuit board? I had to replace mine recently since it stopped working and now it reads incorrect. I was going to use some leads so I can have the tach out but working and compare it to my meter and adjust as needed. Any reasons why that wouldn't work...
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    Rear spring changes

    I Am planning to change my rear spring out for a Composite spring. I've noticed most people seem to go for the 330lb spring for the small blocks (it is what VB&P recommend) but I'm wondering if anyone has tried the 360lb spring in a small block and what they thought of it. I will be installing...
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    How often do people normally replace their tires for their C3's? Mine are almost 10 years old now but I think it might be about time for a new set. I had to take my 81 to work the other day as my modern reliable car wouldn't start.:chuckle It was a wet day and I found that my rears were slipping...
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    Intermittent misfire

    I've just started to get an Intermittent misfire on my 81. It only seems to happen once the engine has warmed up. It happens while cruising and under acceleration, not sure about idle. While cruising (at 65mph) the mis can be felt and if you watch the tach it can drop anywhere from 50 to 500rpm...
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    Question: Fuel sender ground

    I was replacing the rear lamp harness and the ground tag broke off of the fuel sender unit. I'm guessing just replacing the whole thing would be my best option since i'm sure it's the original sender. Just wondering if anyone has any other ideas before a order a new sender unit on monday.
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    Brake dragging

    I've had to replace a rear wheel bearing recently, and am now having trouble with the brake on that wheel dragging. Any ideas what would cause this? Any easy way to know if it's the parking brake or the normal brake? The caliper, pads, rotor, and the flexible lines were replaced early last year.
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    Speedometer adjustment

    Can the speedometer zero point be adjusted in the same way as the tachometer? Mine reads about 10% faster than my actual speed.
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    Question: Vacuum leaks

    Hi guys just wondering how I will know when I've found all of my vacuum leaks? Will the idle become smooth? Or does everything else have to be right for that to happen? The reason I ask is I've had to make a lot of changes to things from how the car was when got it. here's what I've done so far...
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    Question: Power steering belt

    Hi, cant get the cap off my power steering pump to check levels, and refill without removing the alternator bracket. I believe the wrong belt has been fitted. I currently have a Gates 9365, is that the right one? If not what should I have?
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    Front suspension bushes

    Hi guys. i'm going to tear down my front suspension to replace the bushes, shocks, etc. any advice or tips you can give me?
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    Question: Rocker arm cover torque

    Seems like a simple question, but what is the correct torque to tighten these to? My FSM says 40in-lbs on pg 6A4-6 an 45in-lbs on pg 6A4-25. Or are they close enough that either shoud be fine?
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    Question: Carb settings

    Any advice here would be appreciated. I've been trying to track down the source of a rough idle problem. I've fixed a few vacuum leaks and am in the process of fixing the last one(I hope). However I did make one odd observation about the dwell readings on my mix solenoid. Everyone else reports a...
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    Question: electric radiator fan

    Hi guys. Was out driving the vette after 9 months off the road. I was doing mainly highway driving and the engine temp was getting up to about 260f, the coolant temp was staying at about 200f. When I got to where I was going I popped the hood expecting the electric fan to be running but it...
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    Strange headlights issue

    I'm having a wierd issue with my headlights. There seems to be a vacuum leak somewhere in the system, but i'm not sure where. About 6 months ago i replaced the actuator seals, and they did need doing. About 3 months ago a replaced all of the vacuum lines and tees, and fitted a new filter and...
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    Question: Rear Spring

    Anyone know the weight of the steel rear spring that would have been fitted to an 81 with standard suspension and manual trans? I am going to be removing mine to replace some bushes but would like to have an idea on the weight first. Thanks
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