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    Twilight Sentinel goofy..

    I am VERY disappointed nobody has any idea what this could be. Can't even get a response from someone who doesn't know......
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    Twilight Sentinel goofy..

    Anyone? Any help appreciated.....
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    Question: C5 Vette radio, CD volume low. Ideas?

    I wondered why I never see any posts from him anymore. He was a smart likeable man. I know it sounds tacky after the fact, but I'm very sorry to hear this and my condolences to his family......
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    WTB 12 disk cd changer

    Did you ever find a 12 disc player? If not, maybe try Marc Rose at Vettenuts, a large Corvette salvage yard.....
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    C5 Gas Gauge finally died.

    Have you ever tried Seafoam? I've used it in other vehicles, but never in my C5, at least not for a gas gauge/sender repair. Reason I ask is I've heard it will often work when Techron will not. Might be worth a try. It is quite a bit pricier, however. What Red Line product did you use with...
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    Twilight Sentinel goofy..

    I have an unusual problem with my 2000 C5s twilight sentinel. Everything works great, EXCEPT the dash lights wont light up! Headlights, tail lights are fine. Just no dash lights. If I disable the Sentinel in the DIC, then manually turn the headlights on, everything works fine, and the dash...
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