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  1. Bobsvette

    Help! Parking brake way to tight.

    Hi everyone, haven't been on in a while but I need some help. Yesterday I put new pad's and rotors all around my LT-4 and had no problems until I went to put the rear caliper with new pads on the rear, kind of had to force them on, all the research that I have done keep's steering me to the...
  2. Bobsvette

    Question: The ongoing remote fob issue!

    OK, I'll make this short.Read all the postings on retraining the two fob's for my 99. Did everything by the book but I get no further than fob #2 recognized ,of course I did #1 first but when I hold lock-unlock I get no response from the horn and both fob's are dead in the water p.s. new...
  3. Bobsvette

    another test

  4. Bobsvette


  5. Bobsvette


  6. Bobsvette

    Just another test

    I think I might just have it!! :boogie NOPE!!!
  7. Bobsvette

    How do you post larger attachments?

    http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x174/bobsvette/corvetts011.jpg I'm lost on how to post larger pic's
  8. Bobsvette


    just another test
  9. Bobsvette

    Eating crow

    O.K. Here goes, A while back not to long ago I put in a post to johnnyk, when he was buying a white C-5, to get right to the point I said I wasn't worried about driving in the rain, These car's are built well and I'm not concerned with the electronic's. Man was I wrong. Last thur. had some...
  10. Bobsvette

    last time for today

  11. Bobsvette

    one more time

  12. Bobsvette

    just another test

    didn't work:eyerole
  13. Bobsvette

    Pics of my 96 Aqua blue metallic LT-4 (and the '99)

    Just trying out a picture hosting site for the first time. This is my 96 Aqua blue metallic LT-4 and my wife's 99 Pewter Automatic Coupe. I Hope I did it right! :) bobsvette
  14. Bobsvette

    Car security!

    Hi all, looking for some added security for my two cherished vettes I have a 96 6-speed and a 99 auto both of course have electronic alarms but as we all know If a pro want's something he's going to get it . I was looking at the shifter lock from eckler's for the auto and The Club for the 96 ...
  15. Bobsvette

    Clay Bar.... Yes-No????

    Hi to all, been reading alot on this clay bar process and I'm a little confused because in some post's owner's have said they wouldn't use it but in others they said there car looked great.(they must have used it at a later time) opinons? ;shrug
  16. Bobsvette

    Dash lighting

    Can anyone tell me how to get at the lighting behind the DIC buttons on a 99? The top two are not lit, just happened to go out today, must be a small bulb or could it be fiber-optic's? I haven't had the chance to get a good repair manual yet. Thank's for any help! Bobsvette :confused
  17. Bobsvette

    Motorcycle chasing a C-6

    I'M trying to find a post that someone put on one of the boards with a link to a vidio on fquick.com where a bike is chasing a vette. Any help?:confused
  18. Bobsvette

    Winter's....... This is the worst yet!

    :confused I'm not dealing with winter very well this year because of having to but away my new toy's. Man, owned motorcycle's since I was 16, no problem winterizing them and putting them away until spring.The past few year's the wife and I have owned at least one car that never saw snow...
  19. Bobsvette

    New owner in Ct..... Again!

    Hi to all in the C-5 lounge, I'm going to keep it short. Most who responded to me back in early june will remember. Bought my first Vette in may from stinger!! out of fla, 1996 LT-4........... Went to carlisle with the wife........... Just got home yesterday afternoon from va with a 1999 Pewter...
  20. Bobsvette

    New owner in CT

    Hello to everyone, i'm new to this site and i'm the guy that bought stinger's 96 LT4. The car is everything the gentleman said it was and more! we did our transaction through e-bay and everything was pretty smooth. when all the paperwork was done i booked a flight to fla where stinger picked me...
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