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  1. Bwmurph

    2012 GS

    Hi All, I just purchased a 2012 Crystal Red GS (sold my '71); its a nice looking car. However, it originally had the dual roof option, but now only has the body color roof. It wasn't a deal breaker but the dealer said that he rarely sees the C6's with both roofs. Is that true ? 2) It only has...
  2. Bwmurph

    '71 Electrical Issue

    I have a '71 Coupe, base engine (350/270), auto trans that has a strange electrical problem: After a short or long ride I bring it back to my garage and shut it off. However, it doesn't always shut all the way off. If I have the radio on it will continue to play. I will turn the key off and on...
  3. Bwmurph

    '59 Seat Track Rollers

    Hi All, I will be re-installing my seats soon after installing new carpet and have a couple of questions: 1) I have been lightly gluing the carpet down over top of the HushMat I installed with 3M spray adhesive. Is this correct ? Just curious as I am going to do it anyway. My old carpet was NOT...
  4. Bwmurph

    '59 Water Pump / Motor Mounts

    Hi All, Hope you are all doing well with this Covid mess ! I just installed a new water pump on my '59 and have a question or two about the motor mount that is bolted through the water pump: 1) I mounted the water pump correctly passing the bolts through the pump and then the motor mount...
  5. Bwmurph

    '71 TH400 Trans

    Here we go again: I thought this was going to be easy, but a little messy; it's one but not the other. Pulling and replacing the pan on my '71 TH400. Got the old pan off; a little messy, but not too bad (who was the genius at GM who decided not to put a drain plug in the pan to save a couple of...
  6. Bwmurph

    '71 Fan Switch

    I have a '71, base motor, Automatic, PS, PB and A/C. Problem #1 I am having issues with the fan motor switch on the console: It seems to have only one speed (low) no matter where I position the switch, so it doesn't really cool the car down. It is also difficult to move the switch lever. More...
  7. Bwmurph

    F/S - C-1 Parts

    For Sale: 58-61 2x4 Intake Manifols (cast # 3739653) very good condition; Corvette aluminum Valve Covers (with casting flaw) good condition; Upper Windshield Moulding (no sun visors) very good condition); two (2) Turn Signal Housings (complete with wiring and cancelling switches), (1) original...
  8. Bwmurph

    IFS for C-1

    I've been toying (really wanting to) with the idea of putting a Jim Meyer IFS under the '59. Just waiting for the boss to let me spend the $$$. However, in a recent issue of Vette magazine I saw an ad for an IFS kit from an outfit in North Carolina called "Studley's Independent Rods". It looks...
  9. Bwmurph

    C-3 Rivet Pops

    I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I seem to be only getting one page of posts. So... I have the all to common rivet pops on the front of my '71. It might be my imagination, but one or tow of them seem to be getting worse lately. Just wondering how much the (correct) fix is going to...
  10. Bwmurph


    Has anyone had any dealings with Carburetors USA in New Jersey ? I dropped off my 59's 2 x 4's there on Oct 2 and was told it would be "about a month" for them to be done. After 6 weeks I starting calling him and it took me 2 weeks for him to finally return my calls. He told me he was running...
  11. Bwmurph

    '71 Fan Motor switch

    The fan motor switch in the console on my '71 seems to be way too hot to the touch when operating; is that normal ? I'm guessing not, but has anyone else run into this and what is the problem / fix. BTW, I've replaced this switch at least twice in the past 4 - 6 years because they failed. The...
  12. Bwmurph

    Gas smell from '71

    I recently had my '71 rear-ended, so of course it ended up in the body shop. It wasn't a lot of damage (although it cost almost as much as I paid for the car 5 years ago) and they did a nice job, including replacing he gas tank. I've only driven it a few times since the repair, but once it's...
  13. Bwmurph

    C-1 Rebound Straps

    My '59 has never had the rebound straps on it. I'm thinking of putting them on, just because I need something to do. Is it hurting the car not to have them ? I've never noticed any issues without having them and didn't even know such things existed until after I owned the car for a number of...
  14. Bwmurph

    C 1 Five Speed

    Any recommendations on who / where to purchase a 5 speed for my '59 ? I assume most of them are Tremecs, but I'm not sure. I sent a quote request to ProFormance Powertrain a few days ago with no response yet (but it is Easter weekend). Any insight, recommendations, suggestions, etc... would be...
  15. Bwmurph

    C1 ifs

    Does anyone have an opinion on the Jim Meyer IFS vs. the Martz Chassis IFS ? Both look about the same, but Marts is about $400 less. Bernie O
  16. Bwmurph

    5 Speed in C-1

    Hello All, I'm planning on dropping a 5 speed (Tremec ?) in my '59. Any suggestions ? Is the Tremec the "only game in town"? How easy is it to install ? Any mods to the body / trans tunnel ? Any information, pointers, suggestions, help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bernie O
  17. Bwmurph

    Aluminum Radiator

    Hi All, Have a couple of quick questions on DeWitts Alum rad's: I'm installing one in my '59 and I'm wondering if anyone knows the capacity of one of these radiators. I called DeWitts and 2 different people told me that they didn know (???). I was told by the second guy "It should be a gallon...
  18. Bwmurph

    C-1 Water Pump

    I am (finally) getting around to inpecting and/or changing the water pump on my '59. The problem has been that the car continues to "burp" coolant out of either the overflow tube or, somtimes, it actually lifts the radiator cap and it gushes out of there. This happens just about everytime I run...
  19. Bwmurph

    Flywheeel Teeth

    Is there any way to tell how many teeth are on the flywheel without dropping the bellhousing and counting them ? Can you tell by how many teeth are on the starter ? How many different Flywheels; I know of two (153 and 164, teeth I think), but don't know how to tell which is which and where and...
  20. Bwmurph

    C-1 Transmission

    Well, having been wrong on two counts now about what I blew up in the '59 - I thought it was the clutch; my mechanic thought is was the ring/pinion; it turns out it was neither - I've narrowed it down through process of elimination to - TA DAH ! - the Transmission. (Ther's not much else it...
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