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    Question: Those of you who did power modifications to your L98, what did you go with to add more power?

    I looked into swapping something in place of my L98 350. Still might go that route with another 350 but right now I’m trying to see what other people did to their engines to get more power. I don’t want an insane amount to start off, but 300 would be a good amount for me. As stated in my...
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    Help! Cheapest but most cost effective way to get my 85 auto going?

    Hi, I’ll start off by saying I’m pretty new to working on cars. I bought my c4 to have as a project. I bought it with at the least expecting a transmission rebuild. I’ve driven it enough times since I got it to determine I really like the low end power, but the higher end seems to not be...
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    Looking to LS swap my c4 need advice

    Hi, I have an 85 with the 700r4. My transmission is in bad shape and will have to be rebuilt. I was wondering if it would an overwhelming amount of work to lm7 swap it with an electronic trans? I always hated the idea of ls swapping something with a 350 but I think that would be the best option...
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    Tired of trying to diagnose my transmission issues with it leaking.

    Hey all, this is my first time posting on this forum. Last summer I bought my first corvette. Since I got it, I’ve been having issues with it leaking badly. I’m 16 so I’m new to doing work like this. If I drove it long enough it would run completely out of fluid, which doesn’t make sense to me...
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