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  1. peterd

    Remove stripes from C7 Grand Sport

    Looking at a C7 Grand Sport with the Heritage package. Questionable color combo. Has anyone removed these stripes before ? I’m assuming they’re just vinyl and they would come off with some heat. Anyone done this before ?
  2. peterd

    Wanted Looking to buy C7

    Just sold my ‘07 Atomic Orange Z51. Looking for a ‘15, ‘16 or ‘17 low mileage Z51 or Grand Sport in either Torch Red, Black or Arctic White with Adrenaline Red interior. 2LT or 3LT. Black wheels. Manual transmission Any ideas please advise. Thanks, Pete
  3. peterd

    Looking to buy C7

    Just sold my ‘07 Atomic Orange Z51. Looking for a ‘15, ‘16 or ‘17 low mileage Z51 or Grand Sport in either Torch Red, Black or Arctic White with Adrenaline Red interior. 2LT or 3LT. Black wheels. Any ideas please advise. Thanks, Pete
  4. peterd

    C6 handling issue

    My 07 Coupe has been having handling issues where the rear end will fishtail around sharp turns and roundabouts at NOT excessive speeds. The car came with new Firestone Firehawks (not my choice) when I got it last year. I keep them inflated at 32psi. I never had this issue with my C5 (Goodyear...
  5. peterd

    Best Cold Air Intake for C6

    Looking to add a cold air intake to my new 2007 C6. Whats the best bolt on options out there ?????
  6. peterd

    Glass roof adjustments

    Finally got to take my Vette out and noticed the new glass roof that I picked up over the winter seems to have some air leaks on higher speeds. Does anyone have any suggestions on adjustments that would tighten this roof up ???? Weatherstripping seems fine and I had no issues last year with the...
  7. peterd

    Glass top care

    Just picked up a new glass top for my 07. Top is in mint condition. Just wanted to see what people are using to keep thier glass tops looking new ??? Any help would be appreciated
  8. peterd

    Glass roof for C6

    I'm looking to get a glass roof for my C6 - anyone have one for sale or know of a source ??? i had a lead on one at a used parts shop but it was sold OEM is a little pricey so I'm looking for a good clean used one
  9. peterd

    Got my C6

    2007 with Z51 package and Corsa exhaust. 22k miles and new tires. Sold my C5 on Autotrader in 2 days at asking price. Sometimes the stars align. I'd like to get the glass roof - any ideas where I can get a deal on one ??
  10. peterd

    Potential buy

    Just looked at another 2007. Z51 package, upgraded interior package, Corsa exhaust , 22k miles We are about $1500 apart (30k vs 31.5). My biggest issues are - - car is on its 4th owner. 1st 2 owned for about 2500miles sack and last 2 about 9k miles each - has after market Z06 wheels - look...
  11. peterd

    Corsa vs Borla

    What's are the differences between Corsa and Borla exhaust's ??? I have a Borla on my C5 and I'm looking at a c6 with a Corsa exhaust. I like the way my Borla sounds - just "throaty" enough, and I wanted to hear from someone how they compare thanks
  12. peterd

    C6 dipstick ????

    This is probably a really stupid question butI just looked at a C6 (LS2 ). Is there a dipstick on this engine ? Owners manual showed it to be located to the left of oil fill n a LS2 but all that's there is a cutout of where it should be. Is is there a model that measures it electronically ...
  13. peterd

    Looking to upgrade to C6

    I have a Black 2000 Coupe (40 k miles) and I'm looking at a 2007 Coupe in Atomic Orange. It has both tops and 16 K miles and super clean. Probably my 3rd choice of colors behind black and red but I do appreciate that there's not a lot of this color in my area. Going up up to a C6 what issues/...
  14. peterd

    ABS/Traction Message

    I just got an "Service ABS/Traction System" message. Is this the EBCM failure I've read about ??? If so what is the fix/cost ???? I also have a front air pressure indcator thats a little slow - can they be related ??? Thanks all Pete
  15. peterd

    C5 Noise Reduction

    Recently gutted the factory Bose equipment in my C5 and replaced it with a high end Pioneer deck and some great MB Quart components in front (Dynamat in doors) and 6.5's in the back. Sounds great except for that nasty road noise in the back compartment and also what sounds like air noise fron...
  16. peterd

    Water under glove box

    I been having a puddle of water under my C5 and today took the panel off from under ther Glove box (access to relays) and noticed that the foam cover from the panel was wet. Also there is a round (4"+/-) metal unit above the panel that has a sponge gasket that seems to be where the water is...
  17. peterd

    No Directionals

    Just got my 1st C5. One problem, directionals occasionally do not work. Dealer says Hazard Light switch needs to be replaced. Not under warranty but him will do labor for free if i pay for switch ($50). Says dashboard must be removed. Is this a common problem ??????????
  18. peterd

    1st Vette

    Hey- just got my 1st Vette- 2000 Black on Black Coupe. Pics to follow. All is great w/ a few small problems: - Directionals on occasion do not work. Dealer said he has to to replace the Hazard switch- which requires removal of the dashboard - any thoughts out there ?? Said he will provide...
  19. peterd

    1993 Test Drive

    Just started looking and drove a '93 w/ 47K miles at a Vet dealer. Kinda surprised it drove like a tank (idled rough) & didn't brake as good as i have heard. With only 47K i was expecting better. An thoughts ?????
  20. peterd

    Standard or Auto

    OK, here's a question for all- Standard or Auto transmissions ???. To some it can't be a Corvette unless its a standard but in this cell phone, coffee age we live in whats better ??? Any problem years w/ either on C4's ???
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