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  1. Parrothead

    OBD 1 code 28

    A quick question of I may. Will this code 28, Auto transmission range pressure switch error. Cause a running engine to stop and then not start again? I was driving down the freeway, engine shuts off and will not restart. No trans related drivable issues. Just check engine light and this code...
  2. Parrothead

    Squeling noise fixed. Thanks for the info

    I had a bad squealing noise start coming from the passenger side rear end last week. After reading many threads, I was able to identify the problem as the half-shaft U-joints. Thanks to all the great posts on here, the identification, removal and repair was smooth and nearly painless.. Other...
  3. Parrothead

    Miss and surge once warmed up

    Hey all, My 92, automatic, has a problem once it warms up. Within a few minutes of reaching 197 degrees, I start to experience a slight miss. It starts with a small drop in RPM and then recovers. It happen across all RPM speeds, in any gear or in park. If I continue to drive or just sit and...
  4. Parrothead

    ECM question

    I have a 92, automatic and was trying to gt a new ECM. All numbers are faded on the unit and 2 different P/N's are listed on part store computers. O.E.M. #16163993 O.E.M. #16159278 Can anyone tell me how to identify the correct unit for my car??? Thanks
  5. Parrothead

    Twin Turbo 67

    I took these at a Hot Rod Power Tour event on Camp Pendleton Marine base in SoCal in 2003 in think. Hopefully the pics come through.........
  6. Parrothead

    Glass top cracking

    I recently moved from Eastern Washington back down to Southern Cali and noticed my acrylic top has started to crack all along the front edge (especially in the corners). :mad The car is a 92 with 90,000 miles on it. I know they are not cheap to replace and I can't get one just yet but when I...
  7. Parrothead

    Hatch Help

    After a wonderful summer day of cruising I go to get my top out of the back of my car and my hatch will not open. None of the 3 release buttons work and neither will my key FOB button. Thankfully I have the painted hard top (although it is the first time in 4 years it has been on) to put on...
  8. Parrothead

    New Cat-back Installed....

    I had my new Corsa Power Pulse installed, can you say amaaaazzzzing. I think the tips are incredible looking and the sound is awsome. I can actually use a Bluetooth headset while driving and I hear road noise now instead of resonance. Also I can have a conversation without having to raise my...
  9. Parrothead

    Chip burning ?

    I read the name of a member who did custom chip burns but don't remember who it was. Could someone let me know his name. Thanks
  10. Parrothead

    High flow cat ?

    I just ordered the Corsa Power Pulse cat back system. How much differance is there with replacing the cats with high flow ones or just leaving them stock? Thanks for any advice.....
  11. Parrothead

    Help No start condition

    Well Merry Christmas to me. My baby will not start this afternoon. She turns over fine but won't start. Here is a list (yea it's a list) of symptoms: Flashing Service Engine soon light A clicking sound (like a relay) from under the dash, sounds like just to the right of center. Flashing...
  12. Parrothead

    sawblade wheel restoration ????

    I was wanting to change my wheels from the painted / aluminum :confused to the chromed version. Is it possible to get my current wheels chromed or is just cheaper to buy new and exchange them. I also have a little bit of road rash on one of them, can that be repaired????? Thanks for the...
  13. Parrothead

    new tires, wow what a differance

    Just replaced my old (maybe original) Goodyear RSC's with Toyo T1-S's. What a huge differance in ride and handling. They are very quite on the road. They hold the road like nothing I've ever driven before. Anyone else ever try these tires out? On;y have a few miles on them but love them so...
  14. Parrothead

    Intermittent Low Oil Light

    During the last couple of weeks, when starting I will intermittently get a Low Oil light on the warning panel. When I check the oil level it is fine. When I restart, the indication goes away :confused . I am guessing the sensor might be going bad. Anyone else experiance this or know of a way to...
  15. Parrothead

    Dyno Dynamics Dynameter questions

    Over the weekend I had my car run on a Dyno Dynamics Dynameter. It was a wonderful 62 F and low humidity. The only Mods are a open air box with a KnN filter and flowmaster mufflers. The car has 45000 miles on it and I am the second owner. Based on other threads I was expecting 250-260 RWHP...
  16. Parrothead

    C5 mirrors on a C4

    Has anyone put left and right side door mirrors on a C4? I think they are really nice looking and I was wondering how difficult it would be. Also does anyone have any pics of this? Thanks. Finzs up :pat
  17. Parrothead

    engine cover paint...

    I'm not sure what they are actully called but I want to paint in the Corvette lettering on the 2 black engine covers. Not sure if I want to use the cars body color or chevy red. Is there any one paint that is better or easier to use? Also any tips to make it look good would be helpful...
  18. Parrothead

    to flush or not to flush.......

    A question........I took my 92 coupe to a lube shop yesterday for the first oil change since I bought her 2 months ago. The vette has 40,780 miles on her and because I have been at sea most of the time hadn't got around to doing this until now. Anyway when they pull the drain plug the oil coming...
  19. Parrothead

    H.I.D. headlamp conversion

    Does anyone have any information on coverting the old style headlamps on my 92 to H.I.D. headlamps? I was also wondering if any company makes different lens for the factory foglamps. The existing ones diffuse the light so much they are about useless.... Finzzs up :pat
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