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    Help! Manual Trans Issue

    Was putting in the drive shaft and when trying to line up, tried and could not turn rear wheel in neutral. Removed shaft. DNE/Richmond 5 speed goes into all gears (checked ratios), but will not go into neutral. Ratio in neutral same as first gear. All linkages go to correct positions in all...
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    Help! Centerforce Clutch and Clutch Fork Position

    I just finished installing my DNE 5 speed transmission on my ZZ 502 with a Centerforce Clutch. I was able to make this work thanks to the wisdom and knowledge shared on this website. I used the standard aluminum bellhousing, Centerforce throw out bearing, short looking ball stud, and clutch...
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    Trans Install Issue

    I am installing a Richmond 5 speed onto a ZZ502 with a lakewood bellhousing and Centerforce II Clutch. I aligned the clutch using the plastic alignment tool, and it is well aligned. The bronze pilot bearing/bushing is fully seated with its face flush with crank surface. So I line it up and...
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    Scoggins Dickey Clutch Pivot Ball Bracket

    Did the Scoggins Dickey bracket really work for anyone without considerable modification? When I install and line it up, I can't even get the nut on the back of the ball. Even without the nut, the ball stud hits the block. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. At this point I...
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    Boring Shop Crane Question

    I looked through as many historical threads as I could. When you remove an engine with the transmission (manual) from a C2, will a regular 2 ton shop shop crane with a 63 in. boom length be able to pull the engine from the front? Does anyone know what that minimum reach would be that I would...
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    Engine Noise

    I have a ZZ502 that was broken in but has never been in a car. I am able to run it in on a test stand. There is a rapping noise that comes from cylinder number 8 best I can tell from the the head. Its hard to tell if its coming from the upper head or the noise is being transmitted from the...
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    ZZ502 Engine Backfire

    I have an interesting problem. I bought a ZZ502 off of EBay, and it came on a test stand so I could run it. It ran fine. I had to change out the oil pan so I stuck in a gear drive. I put it back together, and when I try to start it, it backfires through the carburetor, and will not start...
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    Clutch Pivot Ball for ZZ502s

    How did you guys with ZZ502s adapt your mechanical clutch linkage since the pivot ball boss is not drilled and tapped. Did you drill and tap your block, which seems risky, or did you get a Scoggins Dickey adapter bracket? Did you have to grind the boss off the Gen VI block to use the Scoggins...
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    ZZ502 Accessory Drive Kits

    You guys who have 502s, what accessory drive kits do you use? Does the GM big block serpentine kit fit under your hoods? Thanks. Regards Dan
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    Power Steering Backfit

    I need some advice from any of you who have backfit power steering into their small block midyears. One part of the power steering pump support bracket mounts to the engine at the motor mount. There are three bolts that connect the motor mount to the engine. Say the motor mounts hold 600 lbs...
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    Install DeWitts Radiator

    When those of you who installed the DeWitts radiator (SP025M) upgrade in their 66 or 67, did you have to move any wiring? Apparently you do for prior to 66, but its not clear for a 66 or 67. Thank you. V/R Dan
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    Hedman Headers

    I am going through the header fitting exercise ( in my head) for my small block. I found side pipes at Corvette Exhaust System, Sidepipes, Mufflers - Sweet-Thunder.com - 1963 - 1967 Corvette , part #MY4005 Oversized 2 1/2" inner baffle tube. I am planning to use hedman headers. I am having...
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    Electric Fuel Pump Mount

    Since I changed out the failed stock water pump on my '66 327/300, my engine runs really cool about 160 - 170 under normal operating conditions with the 160 degree thermostat, but on the rare occasion I get up to 184 deg., I lose fuel flow to the carburetor, and it stalls. Every time. The carb...
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    Mysterious Vapor Lock Incidents

    I just recently changed out my stock water, which was leaking, with a new high flow water pump and am experiencing fuel vapor lock. I can tell because my clear fuel filter shows fuel full of bubbles, and the car runs badly and then dies at about 180 to 200 degrees engine temperature. Adding fuel...
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    Boring Horn Question

    I had to remove the steering column of my '66 to remove the clutch/brake pedal box and replace a cracked clutch arm. When I reinstalled the steering column, the horn did not work. I did look at previous threads but am still a little confused. I have the following questions: a. How does the...
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    How High to Jack?

    I want to do some work on my engine and replace the transmission, and would like to know from those who have experience, how high I need to jack the car (reference ground to frame rail) to be able to pull both the engine and transmission together. Also, I assmume you alternately jack the front...
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    Easy-out Not that Easy

    This is my story. I found this L88 style hood for a mid year on E-Bay. It must be about 20 years old. It looked OK when I got it except it had a broken bolt in one of the three bolt holes on the left side that bolt to the hood hinge. Somebody must have used a stainless steel fastener because I...
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    Tremec vs. Muncie Mounting Pad

    I know the kits have all the mid-year mounting issues addressed, but does anyone know if the Tremec trans mounting pad is at the same relative height/vertical position as the munice mounting pad? I know that you can't really modify the exsiting factory mount, and I know that the Tremec mounting...
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    Richmond/DNE 5 Speeds - Shift Quality

    I have a DNE 5 Speed that I want to install in my '66, and I have read in some places that these transmissions do not always shift smoothly. Although modifications to detents and other parts are mentioned, there are never any details. Do any of you have any knowledge of or experience with...
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