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  1. warp8

    B&B Tri Flow

    Has anyone used this exhaust on their LT4. If so, I would be interested in reports on interior noise and resonance at cruise. I want the rumble at idle and the wail at WOT but want to be able to hear the stereo at cruise. Yea, I know. I want the best of both worlds.
  2. warp8

    Door Ajar Light

    I have noticed that the Door Ajar light does not come on when the door is opened. The courtesy lights come on and I have tested the bulb on the telltale panel. I looked through the manual and I can't solve it. Any ideas.
  3. warp8

    Throttle Body Bypass Hose

    Goodyear 63846 hose. Trim at both ends to fit. Has a molded 90 so you don't need splices and you can run it close to the stock routing.
  4. warp8

    Oil cooler & Heavy Duty Radiator

    My recently rebuilt 86 is running hot. 275 oil 230 water. The radiator is fairly new and I have tried everything to bring it down. Anyone now a good source for an oil cooler & heavy duty radiator.
  5. warp8

    Upshift Light

    Anyone know what controls the Upshift light or where it is in the FSM. It is staying on all the time in my 86.
  6. warp8

    Repairing Rigid Plastic

    Has anyone tried the new products available to repair parts like dash bezels? It is made by Plastifix and can be used to build up damaged areas like where mounting screws go.
  7. warp8

    Dark Dash

    The electronic dash in my 84 had developed the habit of going dark. When it does this, both turn signal indicators come on steady. Several good hard raps on the glareshield will usually bring it back. I guess its time to get it rebuilt.
  8. warp8

    Where does this wire go?

    I pulled the engine from my 86 about two years ago to rebuild it. One thing led to another and here I am two years later reinstallig it. I took lots of photos but not of this wire. It has a black device in it that looks like a filter or capacitor. It comes out of the rear harness near the oil...
  9. warp8

    Custom Prom

    I need a custom prom as I am installing hotter cam, upping compression, and adding headers. Any suggestions as to where to get one?
  10. warp8

    Intake Manifold Gasket?

    I am assembling my 86 L98 w/cast iron heads. The gasket set has two sets of intake manifold gaskets. One has the restricted water passages in the rear and one doesn't. Which one should I use?
  11. warp8

    86 L98 Camshaft

    I am rebuilding my 86 L98 with cast iron heads. I plan to keep the heads after a little porting, I will keep the stock TPI intake. I run headers with a straight performance exhaust. I need inputs on a cam to give a little better performance without ruining the idle.
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