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  1. motorman

    paper work for 1965 396

    I have the paper work for a factory delivered 396 vert vin 19467S114271
  2. motorman

    Grand Sport Oil pressure on 2010 Grand Sport

    straight from the corvette owners manual • GM4718M Your vehicle's engine requires a special oil meeting GM Standard GM4718M. Oils meeting this standard may be identified as synthetic. However, not all synthetic oils will meet this GM standard. Use only an oil that meets GM Standard GM4718M...
  3. motorman

    Grand Sport Oil pressure on 2010 Grand Sport

    air craft oil must be ashless. back in the day we used av oil in the race cars to prevent piston burning
  4. motorman

    Grand Sport Oil pressure on 2010 Grand Sport

    the 6 speed manual GS have the ZO-6 type dry sump system and the pressure will be different than the wet sump GS
  5. motorman

    Grand Sport Oil pressure on 2010 Grand Sport

    does red line oil meet the GM spec GM4718M for the oil because if not GM can void your warranty. here is the list.http://www.gm.com/corporate/responsibility/environment/maintenance/gm_approved_engine_oils.pdf
  6. motorman

    very iinteresting

    Well, that didn't take long. The Direct Injection package on the new Corvette C6.R GT2 cars is being removed for the Petit Le Mans later this month and the season-ending ALMS finale at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in October at the request of the ACO, the sanctioning body for the 24 Hours of Le...
  7. motorman

    Grand Sport Chevrolet Announces New 2010 Corvette Grand Sport

    JMHO remember when they could not sell the 2000 FRC so they turned it into the C-5 ZO-6 so they could use those roofs. i think they are doing the same thing now as the ZO-6s are not selling and they have to use up the parts they are committed to buy from the suppliers
  8. motorman

    any one take delivery of a 2008 C-6

    with "crystal red tint coat" ? i have seen on buicks but not C-6
  9. motorman

    Captured! Corvette Blue Devil (Stingray?) Mule In The Flesh

  10. motorman

    design features of the C-6

    go to http://media.gm.com/division/gmracing/index.html click on weekend ahead and see why the C-6 looks like it does.
  11. motorman

    GM issues new bulletin about 6 speeds

    they have issued a new bulletin 04-07-29-003B stating the movement in the shift lever is normal. there is no problem with the transmission
  12. motorman

    dealer called

    my C-6 is being made today a week ahead of the TPW. i hope they ship it soon so i can have it for corvette carlisle:beer
  13. motorman

    interesting C-6 PDF

  14. motorman

    for sale

    C-5 K&N filter and cut air box cover. $50 + shipping
  15. motorman

    454 engines

    there were no LS-6 450 HP engines in 1971 as the last hi comp engine was 1970. the 454 OC aluminum headed 454 use in corvettes in 1971 were low comp and rated at 425 HP.
  16. motorman

    dyno test of 2005 engine

    i watched a dyno test of the 2005 corvette engine and the HP level was north of the 400 mark. the new engine will have things like full floating wrist pins for less friction.
  17. motorman

    jetting for altitude

    you need to calculate the area of the jet hole and the area of the pri metering rod and subtract the area of the rod from the area of the jet. then come up with a combination that is 2% less area for every 1500 feet you are above sea level. you need to do the same for the secondary side. doug...
  18. motorman

    corvettes new engine

    go to http://www.auto.com/industry/gm19_20021119.htm
  19. motorman


    check out TSB #02-06-01-029
  20. motorman

    good site about "warped" rotors

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