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  1. jhecox

    C7 Arrived!

    Dealer called Saturday morning. My new C7 arrived and is ready to be picked up. Only issue, its snowing. YUCK!!! She is beautiful!!! I just have to wait for a nice weekend to clean her up from the snowy drive home.
  2. jhecox

    C7 Ordered

    2016 Ordered today....
  3. jhecox

    2007 For Sale

    The wife's "HER C6". Bought new and as you can see, she drove it very little. 6 speed auto paddle shift, HUD, mag shocks, $27,000. Additional info if interested. John Hecox
  4. jhecox

    2007 Coupe For Sale

    2007, bought new, 6 speed manual, ~29,000 miles, new Goodyear run-flats on the car about a month, great shape, $23,000. Contact me for additional pictures and info if interested. John Hecox SOLD!
  5. jhecox

    Spotted a C7 Z06

    My crew and I spotted a C7 Z06 leaving Lucky's in Davidson, MI yesterday. Take a look, there was no tread left on any of the tires.
  6. jhecox

    Spring in MI

    The winter blanket finally came off.
  7. jhecox

    Almost original '54

  8. jhecox

    Motor City Corvettes

    Here's a link to a video of a Corvette show in the Motor City. My local club "GMC Corvette Set" helped setup the show. I was going to help, but I hurt my back and was in bed all weekend. Just thought you might like to take look. YouTube - Motor City Corvette Concours
  9. jhecox

    New Spoiler

    I installed a new spoiler on the "His C6".
  10. jhecox

    Ya Can't Start'um Too Young

    Alden helped me put splash guards on my Vette. So when I bought some for Paula's, Alden (BudMan) wanted to do the front ones by himself. I had to do the rear ones because I had to remove the rear wheels. Alden did these by himself. Not bad for 6 yrs old!!!! (Yes, I'm a proud Grandpa). :thumb...
  11. jhecox

    '69 production numbers?

    ;help Hello people, I was wondering if anyone could help me with some info? In the mid '70's, I had (should have kept it) a '69, 350ci/350hp, 4 speed, convertible, with factory air conditioning. This had to be a rare combination for 1969. Can anyone tell me what the production run numbers...
  12. jhecox

    Smiles and thumbs

    Paula was all "smiles" and BudMan gave his "thumbs up". I had to remind BudMan that these don't come as yellow convertibles. I had to tell Paula "NO", we cannot sell the "His & Her's" and "buy one of these". :W Hecox
  13. jhecox


    Check this out: http://info.detnews.com/video/index.cfm?id=2584
  14. jhecox

    red go-go boots and a cape

    Super 'Vette: It's out of this world: Check out the article: http://www.detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080820/OPINION03/808200318
  15. jhecox

    C5/C6 Bash in Bowling Green

    Is anyone planning on attending the C5/C6 Bash in B.G. this Fri. and Sat. 4/27-4/28? The wife and I are gonna try to make it on Sat.
  16. jhecox

    Pictures of my "Silver His" C6

    I came out of Best Buy yesterday, pricing radar detectors. I have to get ready for the Dragon trip ya know. OK, back to my story, as I'm walking out the door into the parking lot, I see 3 guy (in their mid 20's) with cameras taking pictures of my car. It was parked well out from the building...
  17. jhecox

    We are now a 2 Vette family!!!

    Hi all ya'll, The wife told me that I had to quit putting so many miles on "HER" new corvette. So we went to the Chevy dealer in Nashville today and bought one for me. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D So we will be bring the silver vette to the Dragon Run. PS: hey "D", we are still looking for a...
  18. jhecox

    2 Corvette Family

    We are now a 2 Corvette family: the Wife's and BudMan's (Grandson). I'm starting to feel left out...
  19. jhecox

    Good News... IT'S HERE!!!

    The good news: My '07, atomic orange coupe is at the dearler's in Shreveport. The bad news: I'm in Michigan. The Wife will be picking up the car from the dealer on Friday 9/15/06. I not sure when I'll be able to see / drive it as I'm not sure when I'll be able to get back to Shreveport. I'll...
  20. jhecox

    Dale Jr.

    I was just chanel surfing and came across a movie "Fastlane". It's a shoot-um-up type movie. But when I clicked to it there were 2 guy in a yellow Porsche setting at a stop light with Dale Jr. in a C5 vert setting next to them. They say hi then ask Dale to run them. Dale say's "OK boys, let's...
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