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    Ignition Timing

    I have a '78 SA Corvette, and I'm trying to time the engine right now. I'm supposed to disconnect the vacuum advance, right? And then set the idle to 700 RPM? Or the other way around? The revolutions drop significantly after the vacuum advance is disconnected, and I'm just looking to clarify...
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    Slipping clutch..?

    I'm not too sure what's going on. I got off the line hard and then I shifted into 2nd gear and instead of having the power into acceleration of the car, it seemed like the clutch just slipped. Revs shot up and I felt no return through accel. Then almost immediately after I got the strong...
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    Boss CD player

    Dumb question here, and I think I know the answer but I just want to make sure. My '96 has the Boss sound system with the CD player. I'm guessing this won't play .mp3 files (on a cd) correct?
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    First run at the track........

    1996 CE LT4 6 speed Stock as a rock. First time ever drag racing. Here's my time slip: R/T ... .667 60' ... 2.115 330 ... 6.043 1/8 ... 9.177 MPH ... 81.34 1000 ... 11.805 1/4 .... 14.020 MPH ... 104.10 I'm not going to claim to be a racer. This was my first time. But from my...
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    Problem, engine RPM "hops"

    This just started happening today. I first thought that it was a problem with the transmission slipping, because it felt like it would slip then regain and keep doing that. But then I put the car in neutral and kept the engine at about 2500 RPM. Sure enough, after a few seconds it would hop...
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    I'm looking to get more sound out of less work (changing fewer pipes). So I figured I'd start with just changing out the mufflers and see how I like that sound. What are the loudest, free-est flowing mufflers out there right now? What will give me the most sound? I would go with muffler...
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    Car cover

    I'm looking for a car cover for my '96. An outside cover to protect UV, but I don't want it to hold in the moisture (my last one did that real bad). What do you suggest?
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    Removing the steering valve

    I'm looking for a procedure to remove the power steering valve (1978 L48) from the relay and tie rod assembly. I have already removed the nut and the clamp screw from the valve. Question, does the pitman arm have to be removed from the steering box? Or, should I disassemble the tie rods to...
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    How do you know that your clutch is going?

    I'm not saying that I'm expecting no slip on my clutch, but I don't think I really know what a clutch that is worn out feels like when you drive on it. Ideas??
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    Cooling problem

    Here's the issue. Around town and at lower speeds/RPMs, the temperature is fine. Around 185, Tstat is opening and all is well. But when I get on the highway with higher speeds and engine revolutions, the temperature drastically increases to 220ish degrees. The fan is working, the water pump...
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    What's the deal with this 1-4 shift??

    In the car today I got that annoying 1-4 shift lockout. I don't know what the point is of this. I think the parameters of this are that you have to be accelerating at a slow rate (ie not racing) and its the window after 14 mph. Well, I don't know about your Corvette, but if I go into 4th gear...
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    Pre-Installion : Exhaust

    So, I was changing the oil this weekend and I took a look up at the exhaust manifolds. Just a quick run-down of what I'm doing, I'm taking out the whole stock exhaust (manifolds to the tail pipes) and putting in the whole deal (headers, all new pipes, etc. etc.). Well looking up at the...
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    Radar detector...which one??

    I'm planning on investing in a radar detector. Which one do you use??
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    Melrose exhaust users

    I'm looking for full new exhaust for my '96 LT4, and I've narrowed it down to the Melrose C4 Smooth flow exhaust package. Is there anybody that uses this system that could give me some insight? How do you like it? Any resonance issues? How was the installation? Did it bolt right up with no...
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    Full exhaust system, got to figure this out soon

    So I've been looking around for a complete exhaust system (headers to tailpipes) for my 1996 Corvette (CE LT4). I've looked around at a http://www.lmperformance.com/7010/24.html a Borla system, but I'm not sure if it's what I'm after. I'm looking for loud. Like almost no sound restriction at...
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    Getting another removable panel (targa)

    Here's the plan: Long story short, I'm going to "engineer" my '96 to start carrying surfboards on herself, so the best way (I think) is to buy a used (in no great condition) solid roof panel (targa top, if you may) and just to bolt on/through a pair of roof racks. Here's my question. As I...
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    '96 Service/shop manual(s)

    I'm looking to buy the factory service/shop manuals for my '96. I looked on ebay, and I'm wondering if these are them: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1996-Corvette-Shop-Manuals_W0QQitemZ180071757915QQihZ008QQcategoryZ34215QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Also, are there 2 manuals for 1996?? It seems...
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    Working on your C4...

    Before I owned my '96 (CE LT4), I owned a '78. Between fuel injection and all the computer control, as well as the basic cramped style of the engine bay in these C4s, sometimes I look around the mechanical parts of the '96 and get a little discouraged. Doesn't look like there's much room for a...
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    Glasspacks on my '96

    Has anybody ever put glasspacks on their C4? I'm looking to go all new exhaust (headers to tailpipes) and I would really like to incorporate Cherry Bomb Glasspacks. ideas/suggestions/advice?
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    Full exhaust change

    I'm just trying to get a monetary estimate here, on how much I would be looking at to replace the full stock exhaust (exhaust manifolds to tailpipes) with something that is non-stock. I'm looking for headers, and then the rest of the exhaust system. Not really sure what I'm looking for...
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