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  1. Kid_Again

    Just an old radiator?

    THE BOSS and I have agreed that I will clean out the garage. It was the usual negotiation - she said to do it and I do it. Anyway, I have an old copper/brass radiator that I pulled out of the'65 sb and now I'm about to throw it out. On the outside chance that this is the radiator out of...
  2. Kid_Again

    Important! Bad gas tank sender design

    Here's a head's up on what I experienced with the sender unit that I bought from Long Island Corvette Supply. I'm not blaming them because it didn't leak for two years but I did notice that they now sell a re-designed version. The "bad" design has the electrical connectors retained with...
  3. Kid_Again

    WTB 383 Short Block

    I'm looking for a stroker short block which means that it is an assembled block, crank, rods and preferably flat top pistons. No cam, nothing else needed. I can pick up anywhere in New Jersey or any reasonable distance in NY, PA, DE, MD. You would be surprised how far "any reasonable distance"...
  4. Kid_Again

    Important! Oil pump specs... I think we have a WINNER!

    If you'll remember my last post in the original thread, you'll see that VNV thought that there was something wrong with the bypass plate. So, see the attached picture. He was absolutely correct, the engine rebuilder plugged my bypass :thumb. So, if I understand the workings correctly, when...
  5. Kid_Again

    Question: Oil pump specs

    I have a continuing problem with too high oil pressure in the SB. I've swapped out the oil pump once for a Summit standard pressure pump and I still have high oil pressure. For example, I peg the oil gauge at start up, it shows 60#+ at speed and i have oil leaks which seem to come from the...
  6. Kid_Again

    Anyone see the MSNBC Special on GM?

    for me, the best summary was a graph of declining market share over time with the various GM CEO's saying that they had turned the corner on quality, only to see the market share slide continuously from CEO to CEO they interviewed a few people shopping at a toyota dealership and asked them...
  7. Kid_Again

    Hey Rick Wagoner, you listening???

    Sure, Caterpillar plays hardball with unions and has, up until recently, been doing pretty well. But here's an example of a company that has self awareness - not like those twinkies in GM Public Relations. Sure, Caterpillar stock dropped but the perception is that everyone in their food chain is...
  8. Kid_Again

    Warning! VNV's New Car

    Haven't had the time to be on much but I gotta rave about Mark's new '09. THANK GOD it's blue, first off. 6 spd, base engine with a bunch of stuff but what I REALLY like is the ability to remotely bypass the mufflers into a chambered exhaust setup. JUST loud enough. You just can't compare...
  9. Kid_Again


    Engine Oil Supplement ...one of my buddies is WAY over the top concerned about the lack of zinc and phosphorus in the new SL/SM rated oils...he now says that he "knows" that EOS has had those additives removed....does anybody have documentation of what's in the current EOS formulation...
  10. Kid_Again

    Warning! The Kid rebuilding a Muncie

    This ought to be interesting. I'm replacing my #match M20 Muncie in the '66 with a '69 M21 that I bought for $200 a few years ago. I thought it would be a good time for me to learn how to rebuild a Muncie and I got some tips from Gary (GTR1999) to get me started. Since I couldn't wait for...
  11. Kid_Again

    Question: The anxiety of the OEM oil bypass

    I've run out of Prozac so you guys are my last, best hope. I have the original 327 in the '65. Runs fine. I finally swapped out my canister oil filter and went back to a spin-on oil filter adapter. The instructions that came with the adapter are in some form of rural Chinese so I have no...
  12. Kid_Again

    Question: Rebuilding a Muncie 4spd

    Well, VNV has done it to me again. Based on some emails that he sent me, bottom line, I have a spare Muncie in the garage and I want to rebuild it and replace the #match tranny in the '66 bb. THANK GOD he didn't talk me into a Kiesler upgrade. Ain't gonna happen. No way. I could take it to...
  13. Kid_Again

    Help! The value of my cars

    I want to send my insurance company a new valuation of both my '65 and '66. Any suggestions on a location to give me estimates of what these cars sell for? I think one of the Corvette magazines has an annual list of Corvette prices. I could look on ebay for buy-it-now prices, etc but what has...
  14. Kid_Again

    Help! Supercharger intake tubing - chrome or brushed

    looking for a source of 3 1/4" tubing for my vortech supercharger...i want to extend the air filter away from the headers.....i need probably 2 12" straights and one 45* and silicone sleeves to hold it all together thanks!
  15. Kid_Again

    Question: '65 sb vortech blower...fuel pressure regulation

    ...if i ever stop farting around with the blower kit on this car, i would actually get around to publishing my tech article on the installation....this question probably belongs in some engine forum somewhere but ANYWAY.... ....conventional wisdom says that you need to adjust fuel pressure in...
  16. Kid_Again

    Mid year steering box rebuild

    Any recommendations on rebuilding my two manual steering boxes? I tried to contact JohnZ's recommended vendor but he never responded..... VNV, who did you use? thanks
  17. Kid_Again

    My '67 BB Hood, Courtesy of Disco Stu at Carlisle

    Yes indeedy, I bought this gem for $300 from Disco Stu. Damn, I heard KC and The Sunshine Band in my head for DAYS!!!!:hb Now I come to find out that Stepinwolf had a really decent hood for sale for a few bucks more. If I woulda' known:duh Now that I stripped it, it's a 63/64 hood that had...
  18. Kid_Again

    Calling GTR1999

    While at Carlisle, JohnZ recommended you as the guy to rebuild my steering boxes. If you'r einterested, please send me a PM :w
  19. Kid_Again

    Solved the tripower carb problem

    I bought new ones Called Holley and they sold the tooling for the old carbs. Called the guys in Alabama and I'll have the carbs next week. I'll post their info when I get home. I have never been able to get these "Carlisle Special" carbs to work correctly. The essential problem is the...
  20. Kid_Again

    Trouble with dialing in tripower carbs

    OK, so I just rebuilt my carbs and, as far as I can tell, they're back together the way that they should be. I trued every mating surface that I could reach, threw a rebuild kit into each and also replaced all six butterflies. I can start the car but it feels like it has a vacuum leak the...
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