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  1. Lucy64

    Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval RFT tires??

    Has anyone bought the new Firestone Firehawk RFT RunFlats for there C6. My original Goodyears are shot after 18K miles and I am now in the market for some new shoes. I have done some research and from what I have seen the Firestones have been around for the C5 for some time and now are...
  2. Lucy64

    Replace front driving light??

    I just noticed today that my drivers side front driving light is out. How is this light repaced? I am guessing from under the hood?
  3. Lucy64

    How do you tell a 07 from an 06??

    I know that the 06 differed from the 05 because the little GM insignia on the lower back side of the body. How can you tell an 07 from the 06?? I have not noticed any changes whatsoever.
  4. Lucy64

    Squeek from front end

    I was having a really bad front end squeek on my 2005 coupe. Everytime I would hit a small bump or dip in the road I would hear this annoying noise from the front end. I took the car to my local Chevy dealer. After checking the front end and attempting to lube everything they determined that...
  5. Lucy64

    Just got a Ertl 68 Baldwin Motion die cast

    This past weekend during a nice cruise in my 64 in the Blue Ridge I stopped at a little country store. They had a great collection of die cast cars for sale. Of all places to have what must have been over 100 cars for sale, an old country store. I bought a car (for only $44) I have never seen...
  6. Lucy64

    Fair labor time to replace torque converter??

    I put my 64 in the shop today to have the torque converter replaced with a new B&M Holeshot 2400 that I bought from Summit. I am curious what the CAC members with experience in this are area think would be a fair time for the labor charge? I have a TH350 trans in my 64 and the stock torque...
  7. Lucy64

    Recall notice on painted roof panel

    I got a recall notice from Chevrolet today. They say that they have learned of problems with the painted roof panel on the coupe that may separate from its frame in some areas if it is exposed to stresses along with high temperature and humidity. The occupants of the vehicle may notice a...
  8. Lucy64

    Original whitewall width in 64??

    I was wondering what the width of the whitewalls on 64's were. I am getting ready to replace the tires on my 64 with a new set from Coker and was considering the 2.5 inch width whitewalls. Does anyone know if that was the width from the factory??
  9. Lucy64

    Convertible top up or down??

    I have noticed that the convertible top on my 64 is in very bad shape after only a couple of years. During the summer I leave the top down and rarely put it up. It goes in the garage and I only put the top up if I get caught in bad weather. During the winter, when I am lucky to take it out 1...
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