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    Loctite - Red or Blue ???

    I have always used Loctite Blue for threaded fasteners. This time I used Red because Blue was not available and I needed to use it like right now. Just curious as to which one you all use and why. Blue is medium strength Red is high strength.

    66 shifter help needed

    Heres the story. Stock shifter hung up friday night. Got the car home, jacked it up and saw that the rear jam nut on 3rd and 4th gear lever backed off. Placed shifter in neutral, inserted alignment tool and put back together. Seemed to shift fine. The problem is that the forward jam nut is...

    NCRS Chapter Meet in PA this past weekend

    Did anyone attend the Del Valley NCRS chapter meet this weekend ??

    C2 Coupe Vent Window Removal

    The weatherstripping (front and back) on the vent windows is cracking. I need to replace it. Are there any tricks for easily removing the vent window assembly and both weatherstripping pieces. The car is a coupe. I am concerned about scratching the paint or more when removing the vent window assy.

    1967 Bolt On Aluminum Wheel Center Cap

    Is there an easy way to get the center cap off of 1967 bolt on aluminum wheels without scratching the crap out of them ?? Thanks in advance.

    Where are you guys in DE & MD Buying Race Gas ?

    Would you folks in DE and MD please list the name, phone, address and price of where you are buying your racing gas. It is now ridiculous in NJ and I may have to make a run. I am looking to buy 110 leaded.

    Perfect Circle Teflon Valve Seals in a BB

    Anybody have comments on using Perfect Circle Teflon Valve Seals in a Big Block - thanks in advance

    driver side sun visor wont stay up

    The driver side sun visor on an 81 corvette wont stay up. Is there a fix for this ?? thanks in advance

    Aspirator Tube

    It is a very late 1981 Bowling Green car with 30k miles. There is no aspirator tube coming from the catalytic converter to the air pump. There is also no provision on the catalytic converter for the tube either. I dont think the catalytic conv had been changed. Could someone check their car or...
  10. JL66REDCPE

    C3 Help with 1981 Smog System Numbers

    Please take a look at Ebay Item number: 8046723924. It is for a complete smog system for an 81 corvette. Although the unit looks correct, none of the numbers seem to match the NCRS Judging Manual. The ad is as follows; 1981 CORVETTE (NCRS ORIGINAL) SMOG PUMP WITH BRACKET, HOSES, PULLEY &...
  11. JL66REDCPE

    JL66RedCpe's New Garage

    My wife gave me a digital camera for my birthday. Here is a picture of the new garage we built.
  12. JL66REDCPE

    1981 with a one piece top ????

    There is a 1981 corvette advertised in our local paper. The ad claims it has a one piece top. I was not aware of that option. Was this an option ?? Were these tops available in the aftermarket. Of course the ad could be wrorng. The car is in Southern NJ.
  13. JL66REDCPE

    Looks like the water pump is toast

    Got home from a show yesterday, opened the hood to disconnect the battery and found brown water from approx the center of the engine to a good portion of the passenger side including the frame, steering components, battery, battery box, firewall, heater box and motor, inner fenders, sidepipes...
  14. JL66REDCPE

    MMT deposits on Spark PLugs

    Those on this forum who know me also know that I do not get into the car at all except on very rare occasion. Anyway, I was coming home from a show on Sunday and brought the car up to 3500 rpm in first then second -- everything ok so far -- went into third and engine started missing. Hmmm --...
  15. JL66REDCPE

    Raising Rear Ride Height

    Is there a way to raise the rear ride height without putting a bunch of washers on the rear spring bolts ???
  16. JL66REDCPE

    Picture of a 7 leaf spring please

    Could somone please post a picture of a original 7 leaf spring. I need to see how thick the ends are and how much they turn upward. Thank you in advance.
  17. JL66REDCPE

    Well - JL66RedCpe is here at Carlisle

    Well, I am here - looking forward to tomorrow. Hope to see many of you. The turnpike was a pain in spots -- some kind of work crew -- couldnt tell what they were doing other than slowing down traffic to a crawl. Hope you all have a safe trip.
  18. JL66REDCPE

    Rear Height of a C2 Gas Tank

    Does anyone know the rear height of a C2 gas tank. If someone could post the dimension, I would sure appreciate it. thank you john lolli
  19. JL66REDCPE

    67 Rear Spring Replace and Install

    A couple questions on the rear spring. 1) what is the correct width to check for when I order a new one 2 1/4, 2 3/8, 2 1/2 etc. It looks like if the width is wrong the spring will not fit properly 2) I remember reading something about making sure you have the car on the ground with the weight...
  20. JL66REDCPE

    Survey - Help with a 66

    Would you folks who have 66 corvettes look at the Parking Brake bracket (where the handle assy mounts to the dash) and see if there is an approx 1/2-5/8 inch hole in the upper left hand corner. Is it being used for anything.
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