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    Low oil pressure?

    While driving my 05 in 65 degree temp at legal speeds I noticed my oil pressure was sitting @ 35 lbs...normally its at 40 lbs. The car has 22,000+ miles showing and runs like a new car. Is this normal? Just had an oil change, Mobil 1 5-30 two weeks ago. Any comments will be appreciated.
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    Lowering my 05 coupe

    Took my car to a indi shop to have it lowered and Z06 sway bars installed. The car came back higher in the back than when I took it in. Tech said he could only lower it 1.75 inches in back. I have a 4.5 " gap in the rear. Is there some trick to lowering my 05. Do I need to buy special...
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    Sway bars

    Took my 05 in and had Z06 shocks and sway bars installed and had the car slightly lowered. Because of HEAVY traffic on my way home I can't really give a driving impression but the car does ride stiffer. More to come.
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    MC kill

    I've got a buddy I see several times a week at a favorite coffee shop. He rides some type of Ninja MC and he claims there is not a car alive that can beat him 0-60. Today as I left the restaurant he pulled up next to me at a stoplight. When the light changed to green we hit it about the same...
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    After 6 weeks

    6 weeks ago I bought a 2005 coupe and now that I've had a chance to really get aquainted with the car I have a few comments. GM used the cheapest plastic parts they could find inside the car. Center console lock is plastic and it is broken. Vanity mirror lid hinges are plastic and they are...
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    Suspension tune-up

    I just put Z06 shocks on my C6 coupe along with a HallCraft CAI. I've been eyeing the pfadt anti roll bars (front and rear) but they are a little pricey, expecially since I just missed the sale. For those running the pfadt stuff what is your impression. Worthwhile...better than the factory...
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    Too quiet!!

    I just ordered Borla Sport mufflers for my C6. The factory mufflers were putting me to sleep. I had Borlas on my C5 and I really liked them. I'm not concerned if I get any additional performance from the mufflers as I'm interested in better engine sounds. I am curious though on any weight...
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    I've called a few muffler shops locally trying to find opinions on what would be the best system (cat back) for my 2005 C6 coupe. It seems no one handles the Borla system. A very old and reputable shop in my area swears by Magna FLow. (Fit and finish, ease of installation etc.) I'm not...
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    Inland Empire Owners

    If you live around Riverside, San Bernardino, Redlands, Ontario,Calif. I'm curious what dealer you use for warranty or maintenance work. I know we have a few to choose from, but I've had a bad experience with one and want to avoid them unless they have changed personnel in the past 18 months.
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    XM radio

    How many of you have the factory XM radio in your C6. My recently acquired 05 has it but the subscription is not current. Do you enjoy the feature. How much does it generally cost per month. I also have the multi-disc changer so its not like I'm starving for entertainment, but before I...
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    04 vs 05

    Of the two model years which would you choose, and why. I know they are entirely different cars. Both cars are base Corvettes, black in color with approximately 21000 miles each. TIA for any help.
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    Color sanding

    I've had my 2004 Coupe for a week today, and today I had a real opportunity to see it in bright sunlight. I can't describe the number of fine scratches on the hood and front bumper cover. I don't think they will buff out, and will need color sanding or repainting to look right. If I were a...
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    Back in the fold

    Last Mar I sold my 2004 coupe at a Porsche dealership locally. Yesterday I drove by the P store and I saw a Corvette resembling my old car. I stopped in and discovered it was, in fact, my old car. Long story short, shes back in my garage! The lady who purchased my car traded it in on a multi...
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    Base C6

    Can someone supply the HP specs for a base model C6. I believe its 400 HP. I had a 2003 and it was 350. I'm tired of waiting for my local dealers to get their hands on a Z06.
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    Correct spark plugs

    Yesterday I pulled my plugs and found them to be the Bosch (sp) plug once used as replacement plug for the Ac Delcos. Replaced them with the proper ACs and had the fuel rail pressure cleaned and also added a injection cleaner to the gas. Made a big difference. Engine is smoother and now idles...
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    I recently had built a 383 stroker using a 350 block. I gave the car (El Camino) to my son. The car runs very hard. I understand you can also do a 383 stroker or a 427 using a 400 block. I have never done any research on using the 400 block. My 87 vert has the 240HP 350. It runs great but...
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    My 87 vert goes in Monday morning to be lowered. Got the kit at VBP, a CAC sponsor. Very nice people, especially Patti. They have just about everything you could want for Corvette suspension. Not in any way affiliated with these folks.
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    WTB hood

    Looking for hood for 87 with the 3-4" raised center. I'm not sure exactly what its called. Kinda like the air induction hoods. Prefer So Calif to mitigate shipping damage issues. Must be in Excellent condition. TIA
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    new rotors (?)

    Has anyone here used the rotors a company called r1concepts sells? They offer three finishes, zinc plated, a gold finish and black. The rotors come either slotted, drilled or a combination of slotted/drilled. I was thinking of the zinc plated for my 87 rdstr, but I was concerned about the...
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    What vendor would you drivers suggest to get springs that would lower my 87 vert. Since putting 17" rims and tires the car looks like its a 4 wheels drive. I have heard of the fibreglass springs but don't know anyone that has used them. I need to drop the rear 2.5 inches and the front about...
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