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    What goes up,may come down

    241239298 888467292102575 8895364810413246346 N GIF by agedcheese | Gfycat
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    New Member: Stan Shaw III

    Another WELCOME !
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    New Member

    Technical https://forums.corvetteactioncenter.com/threads/lateral-accelerometer-service.146001/ Layman's if your out doing donuts,really hard rights or lefts & 1 of the rear wheels loses traction it will set off the service ASR light,posible the ABS also. Youll proably drop the rpm's & the brake...
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    New Member

    Your welcome Danny,let us know what your mechanic finds out ,what he did & if it solved your problems.
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    New Member

    Ya have any codes ? https://tech.corvettecentral.com/2011/01/c4-diagnostic-trouble-codes/
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    New Guy

    Another WELCOME !
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    New Member

    Condolences & Welcome.
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    Clicking coming from distributor

    Check your advance weights also
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    Difficult to Shift from 1st to 2nd Gear - Manual Transmission

    CAGS 1ST TO 4TH Under certain RPM'S https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c4-tech-performance/2583929-1996-lt4-cags-eliminator-problem.html Mine is still connected & the light still works. The 1st to 4th doesn't bother me.
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    Import disease of the week > Monkeypox

    I can't waite till next week.In the meantime pass the bananas. More than 200 people being tracked for possible monkeypox exposure
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    Gypsy moths is no longer "PC"

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    Poo like a Unicorn !

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    Wanted —WTB- Antenna Relay Electrical Connector

    When I run into that problem with the trailers I work on I just cut the wires & use heat shrink butt connectors to by pass the corroded plug in connector. https://www.te.com/content/dam/te-com/catalog/part/650/072/000/650072-000-t1.jpg/jcr:content/renditions/product-details.png
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    Happy Independence Day !

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    Torch Red 2012 C6, Port Clinton, OH

    Welcome back.
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    1996 Collector Edition Hood Signatures

    More than likely assembly line workers. Mike Yager had the last C4 signed all over the place.
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    Kerbeck Chevrolet - the World's Largest Corvette Dealer Has Been Sold

    Bummer,it's just up the Pike from me. Been there a few times. I wish the new owner good luck.
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    [AUCTION] The Legendary Corvette Callaway Sledgehammer is up for Sale!

    Came close to buying a 87 B2k but was leery of the 4+ 3.
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    Waiting on Australian delivery,

    Welcome ! & Good luck with the new ride.
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