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    Who's going to Bloomington Gold???

    Just curious how many Callaway guys will be there? I'm planning on Sat. and maybe Friday!! Would like to see any of group that will be there! :beer Ike
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    Carlisle: Everybody OK??

    I see that a big storm went thru Sat nite. Just checking to see if all COG members and cars are OK?? Hoping for best Ike
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    Who's Areobody??

    New April 07 Hot Rod magazine came yesterday. As I was paging thru. Pages 92-3 What is this in background?? a C-4 Callaway areobody on lift in primer :cool San Fernando Valley Ca. I gather this is a high end shop?? Nelson's Supercars!! Anybody out there know about this car?? :confused :w Ike
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    Somebodys Original 427-435?

    Was looking at a friends 65 convertible recently. This car has a complete 427-435 code JE tri-power motor in it. It came from either 1967 Vin # 194377104931 or 194677104931 depending if it was a coupe or convert. Has checked and car is not currently registered in Michigan. Motor would sure help...
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    Wanted 1 New 275-40-17 Goodyear

    :ugh Need one New! Goodyear Eagle F-1 Supercar 275-40-17 tire! Or if you know of tire dealer that has one?? please PM info. Thanks in advance. :w Ike
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    Texas Callaway?

    I have started some history research on my Callaway and it shows as having been registered in Colleyville and Hurst Tx. in 1997. 1989 Medium blue-blue interior-white convertible top. Just wondering if anybody remembers it or knew owner?? Was shipped to Hawaii early 1998! Car had 9,000 miles at...
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    The one I should have kept!

    Not a Callaway but the 68 L-88 I owned from 1978-1981 is on Jan 06 cover of Corvette Fever. I purchaced the car from the original owner. If I'd kept it would have had enough value to buy a speedster :cry Any way have some great memories of that car and I'm sure it doesn't sound the same without...
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    GM High-Tech Callaway

    My new GM High-Tech came today and was surprised to see Eric's 87 Callaway TT and Aurora's ZR-1 Getting little drag strip time. Nice going and congrats guys!! :upthumbs :w Ike
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    Interesting Pictures

    Don't know exactly how to do this but this link has 89 #10 http://www.rogerscorvette.com/free/ydo.htm :upthumbs
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    Aloha from Hawaii 1989 Callaway #59 is headed for the Midwest. I'm at the Airport in Honolulu now more information Aloha See ya IKe
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    WTB 89 Challenge Car

    Thinking about buying one of these cars. Anyone know of one for sale? Thanks Ike:D
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    Oversize front tires

    How many have tried running 285-40-17 tires on front of c-4?? Any particular problems on highway?? noticable handling change?? Just asking because of possible good deal on 4 Eagle F1"s in this size. :beer Thanks Ike
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    TT with automatic transmissions

    Iam new to CAC. Would like to know if Callaway TT automatics were original stick shift cars when sent to Callaway for conversion. IF they were original automatic cars did the get the 44 rear axle anyway. Have been looking at TT cars and would like to become very knowledgable before purchasing...
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