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  1. Greekman

    WTB...PO2 Wheelcovers

    Looking for a set of the Corvette hubcaps or RPO PO2. Must be in very good to excellent condition and reasonably priced to sell. Will pay the right price for the right set of wheelcovers. Thanks in advance.
  2. Greekman

    WTB:NOS Blk Standard PS Door Panel

    Need one black standard passenger side inside door panel with the trim attached. Would prefer NOS, but used in good conditoin considered. With or without window crank handle hole. Peter
  3. Greekman

    Cable TV/DVD in the garage?

    I am sure that some of you folks have a television in your garage. I am planning on doing this in my finished garage soon, but just need to make some decisions. Do you just put a TV on a shelf up in the corner of the wall near the ceiling and wire a power outlet and cable outlet? Or DO...
  4. Greekman

    F/S 1979 Unrestored Survivor!

    For Sale 1979 Coupe, VIN # 1Z878S432563, Unrestored "Survivor". Classic White/Red leather interior. 350ci, Automatic, A/C, PS, PW, PB, tilt/telescopic, aluminum wheels, cruise. 100% original condition. 53,000 original miles. Owner history back to original date of purchase including Dealer...
  5. Greekman

    *For Sale"1980-1982 Original Corvette Radio*

    *For Sale:C3 Original Corvette Radio* 1977-1979 GM Original Corvette Radio AM/FM Stereo w/Casette player $100.00 plus shipping and handling. Radio is original GM radio AM/FM Stereo w/Casette player. Has original knobs and rings. Buttons are chrome and knobs are chrome with tunning and volume...
  6. Greekman

    WTB:Original Goodyear P225/70R-15 Steelgards

    Looking to buy a good to excellent set of original P225/70R-15 RWL Goodyear Steelgards for my 1979. (Must be complete set of 4 and resonable price). Greekmn2@aol.com or 303-805-2936 Thank you, .
  7. Greekman

    C3 Parts For Sale

    *For Sale:1980-82 Original Corvette Radio* For Sale: All parts are Original no reproductions or aftermaket stuff. 1977-1979 Steel Valve Covers (blue) excellent condition $20.-SOLD! 1980-1982 AM/FM Stereo Radio w/Cassette perfect condition $100. 1977-1979 Steel Valve Covers w/wire loom...
  8. Greekman

    WTB:L-82 Valve Covers for '79

    Wanted:Set of L-82 valve covers for '79 Corvette. Must be original no repos and in excellent condition. These valve covers are aluminum black with polished fins. Thanks,
  9. Greekman

    WTB '79 Original Factory Radio

    WTB an original 1979 Corvette factory radio. Can be either AM/FM w/Cassette or AM/FM w/8 track tape. Good condition or better. Must be original with black push buttons and black slide bar. Delco emblem on face between the 6 and 10. Sorry, not interested in the AM/FM w/CB Radio. Thanks, .
  10. Greekman

    SB Chevy Valve Cover Gaskets?

    Cork or Rubber? Wanting to know which are the "Best" valve cover gaskets for the small block 350 chevy engine? Looking for the best results for stopping any leaks. I have used cork material in the past, but understand that they may not be the best to use. What is everyone's past experiences...
  11. Greekman

    NCRS Avatar?

    For the Website Adminstrators..... Can we have a NCRS avatar emblem much like the NCM one? Does NCRS have to be a finanial contributor to this website for us to have one or has it just not been asked for before? Thanks, .
  12. Greekman

    WTB '79 Indiana License Plate

    I am looking to buy an original passenger car 1979 Indiana state license plate with county code number 18 for Delaware County, Indiana. Perfer Good to Excellent condition. Would perfer a set, but singles okay. Thanks, .
  13. Greekman

    '79 Front Air Dam Replacement

    Decided to replace my worn and broken front Air Dam on my '79. Ordered and recieved the new part. When I went to remove the eight lower bolts that are in the clips on the fiberglass lip all the bolts either broke or wouldn't move due to heavy rust! I ended up cutting the plastic thing off in...
  14. Greekman

    L-48 Replacement Engine #s

    Well after having my '79 for almost a year now I am wanting to begin researching the history of my car. I know that I am the fourth owner of this car and do have all the names in order and hometown locations of the previous owners. The biggest question I have is my engine. All I know of the...
  15. Greekman

    79 Metal Ash Tray Door

    My metal ash tray door on my '79 was all scratched up when I bought the car and I would like to refinish it to original. Does anyone know if the door only is removable from the console and if so how. The door rotates up into the console and I can't find any info on removal. I can start taking...
  16. Greekman

    Upper Radiator Hose Collapsed ?

    Upper Radiator Hose Colapsed ? Today after driving my '79 for its monthly startup during the winter months, I noticed that my upper radiator hose was colapsed! Yes, flat as a pancake? What has happened? Is this normal? Should I be concerned? Maybe a stuck thermostat? I did have the heater on...
  17. Greekman

    C3's Goodyear Tires ST or GTII?

    C3's Goodyear Tires GT II or ST? I have seen two different types of Goodyear replacement tires for original tires on many C3's. In the size of P225/70R-15. The Goodyear Eagle GT II and the Goodyear Eagle ST. What is the difference in the two tires? Could it be just speed rating? Thanks for...
  18. Greekman

    '79 Ignition Shielding

    I am in need of the plastic distribitor igniton shielding for my '79 L-48. I have looked in all the catalogs, Ekler's, ZIP, Corvette America etc. and all used to have them, but now discontinued. Chevrolet and General Motors doesn't make the part anymore either. Are Corvette Swap Meets my only...
  19. Greekman

    Synthetic Motor Oil Change

    I am wanting to change my engine oil to Mobil 1 Synthetic. What is the proper procedure for doing this right? My engine has 48k miles on it. Should I use a Engine Cleaner or Wash to add to the cranckcase prior to draining the old oil out? Will I experience leaky gaskets or seals? I dont'...
  20. Greekman

    Clay Bar

    What is the correct procedure for using a clay bar on your paint? I have used the Zaino Bros. bar and waxes and am very pleased with the results. When I used the clay bar before it was just after I stripped all the old wax off with Dawn Liquid Soap. Now I have several coats of cleaner, wax and...
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