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  1. Hot Rod Roy

    Acrylic Roof Bonding

    I know there are companies that rebuild acrylic roofs by replacing the roof panel on your frame. My acrylic panel is in good shape, but it has come un-bonded from the aluminum frame on my '84. I can't be the only person to have this problem, but so far, my attempts to re-bond my roof panel...
  2. Hot Rod Roy

    A whining alternator.

    Who knows why alternators whine? I had to replace my alternator, and my new one whines at low speed. It works fine, and I've taken it apart and checked for bad bearings, brushes, or internal rotating parts touching something, but everything looks good. Any ideas? :confused
  3. Hot Rod Roy


    Restoring an '84, and need one seat covering or a seat, with cloth & vinyl upholstery as original, tan/camel color. Must have cloth center sections and vinyl bolsters. :)
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