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  1. Gaming Glen

    Question: what brand of rims are bad, which are good?

    I recently purchased a 2017 Grand Sport and both rear wheels have cracks. I want to replace all 4 with an aftermarket set. I see lots of options, although most have similar designs, and I have a hard time what to look for. My current ones are chrome, I figure to replace with chrome, but I also...
  2. Gaming Glen

    Question: found 1-2" crack in 2017's rim, repairable?

    I'm about 2500 miles from home. I wonder if a TIG weld on the rim would be sufficient to get me home where I can deal with getting a replacement rim. The crack starts on the inner edge and runs about 1-2" inwards. The tire leaks air otherwise I would never have found the crack. edit: after some...
  3. Gaming Glen

    Question: improving the ride of a C4

    After driving my C4 for a few days I drove the C5. What a difference in ride smoothness between the two. The C5 will be sold as soon as I get my reprinted title and until I sell the C4 I'll be driving it. That may be quite awhile. I was wondering if there's a way to smooth out the C4 ride...
  4. Gaming Glen

    (commentary) left/right cameras on rear for backing out

    After putting my C4's transmission into reverse to back out of a parking stall I looked left and right to notice I'm parked between two walls... er, SUVs. So while inching backwards and hoping no impatient drivers were speeding through the parking lot I thought about the rearview camera in new...
  5. Gaming Glen

    Question: best cleaner to use on white convertible top (C4)?

    Mine has the greasy/oily residue from the top's mechanisms. I've tried several different cleaners but avoided harsh ones so not to damage the top. Any suggestions?
  6. Gaming Glen

    For Sale Selling my '96 GS convertible

    Edit/Update: looks like it's the Opti-spark doohickey replacement time. I'm dropping the price. Other issues: ABS system goes in and out, brakes work fine. Traction control been out for years, I was told need new ECM. I love this car but I'm not a mechanic and older cars need more care than I...
  7. Gaming Glen

    2003 won't start sometimes, wait 2 minutes then starts

    My 2003 coupe won't start sometimes, when I try I hear a grinding sound (not from the ignition switch). I turn the key back to the off position, wait two to three minutes, then the car will start. General consensus was a bad starter so I had that replaced. It just happened again. Chevy...
  8. Gaming Glen

    how dare it rain on my queen!

    I took out my garage queen (the GS) to the game store last night to stretch her legs a bit. Weather was clear and I thought I'd take the top down on the way home late at night (about the only time I can stand the summer muggy weather here in south Florida). But then it rained! :cry How...
  9. Gaming Glen

    squeaky brake fixable under warranty?

    My new C5 developed a squeaky brake (left rear) at about 2500 miles. I brought it in for an oil change about 2800 miles and the assistant manager service guy said a squeak fix is not covered under warranty. Since then, 5000 miles later, the squeak got a little worse and is really annoying. I...
  10. Gaming Glen

    waaaah! there's dust on my new car!

    and road tar, too! Only after 2 weeks! Gotta trade it in! :grinshot Seriously, how soon can I wax it, or use a waterless polish? I have the Zaino Brothers wax kit so I wonder how long should I wait before using their #1 (the deep wax)? :v Glen
  11. Gaming Glen

    proper break in period?

    The manual says drive the new car for 500 miles to break it in. What's the truth? Is 55 really the top speed you should? Does anyone actually do so? What are the levels/miles and activities for breaking in a new C5 (coupe)? I got my new red coupe last Saturday! :beer Glen
  12. Gaming Glen

    my first attempt at buying a 2002

    I decided buying an electron blue coupe with manual transmission. The nearest dealer had one last week but the salesman said it was sold yesterday. He did a search and found two others he can have delivered, the print out said one was $45G+ and the other at $47G+ with a lot more options...
  13. Gaming Glen

    so many choices, only so many dollars

    I had lunch with former co-workers (I "retired") and across the street was a larger Chevy dealership. So I said, what the heck, and went over for a look. A beautiful electron blue convertible was sitting in the showroom (okay, where's my drool bucket?). I said to the salesman neaby (who was...
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