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  1. Ryan6-speed

    Poor Customer Service with WCC, West Coast Corvette

    Just wanted to warn my fellow Corvette enthusiasts about WCC and how they treat Corvette customers like me and you. :mad If you don't take my word for it just read their Yelp reviews: West Coast Corvette - Anaheim, CA | Yelp Here is my experience with them documented, you be the judge: My...
  2. Ryan6-speed

    86 Hood on a 92?

    Does anyone out there know if an 86 hood will fit on a 92 vette? I found a good deal on an 86 hood, but I don't know if it will fit my LT-1 car. Is the hood prop the only difference? I understand that the prop can be made to fit? HELP!!!! NEED MORE INFO!! Thanks.
  3. Ryan6-speed

    FS 92' black 6-speed in Hawaii $10,000 OBO

    1992 Black / black leather, 99,500 miles, 17x11 BBS wheels, Borla exhaust, Stereo, Clifford Alarm, Extras, Very shiny black. Oahu Hawaii $10,000 OBO
  4. Ryan6-speed

    Zr-1 Offset On C4, 335's/gs Flares?

    I have seen ZR-1 offset used on C4's with 335's, anyone have this setup? Or even 315's on the ZR-1 offset? How do you do this without trashing the outter fender? What's the cheapest place to buy the GS flares? What about GS Flares on the front? I've seen this done and it looked good...
  5. Ryan6-speed

    I was cleaning out the garage and found.....

    I was cleaning out the garage and found some things to my first corvette a 1986. I found the facory service manual, the owners manual, and the original stereo. Anyone know someone who might need these items? I would like to sell them, I am getting some BBS wheels for my 1992 and...
  6. Ryan6-speed

    removing 92 door panels, weatherstriping

    I purchased new weatherstripping for my 1992, but when I tried to remove the door panels, something else is holding them on. I removed all visable screws around the outside edges, it seems there is somthing else holding the panel on around the door handle, how many screws are there...
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