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  1. Mr. Lucky

    F/S: Bilstein Sport Shocks (rear)

    Used but very good condition - a great bolt-on upgrade for FE-1 or Z51 suspension, and are rebuildable. Fits all 1997-2004 and 2005-2008 non-Z06 Corvettes. These are discounted for $349.99 at Corvette Garage for a set of 4 - selling rear set only for $75.00 +shipping.
  2. Mr. Lucky

    F/S: Tires, Shocks

    Two (2) Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires - 245/40-18 These are stock-sized C6 front pulls and are the typical size used on C5 running 18's all around. Very serviceable condition... no punctures, plugs, patches, or damage of any kind (approx. 5/32" tread remaining, worn evenly). Tirerack sells...
  3. Mr. Lucky

    F/S: 245/40-18 Michelin PS2s

    Two (2) Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires These are stock-sized C6 front pulls. Very serviceable condition... no punctures, plugs, patches, or damage of any kind (approx. 5/32" tread remaining, worn evenly). Tirerack sells these for $291.00 each. I'm asking $90.00 for both. Note: Local...
  4. Mr. Lucky

    Corvettes & Cobras Descend (literally) Upon Palm Springs

    This may be repititious for those of you who frequent that "other forum" ... but for the rest of you (especially if you live in the snow belt like I used to) - enjoy! Great run yesterday to Palm Springs. All Corvette generations except C1 were represented. The '63 vert and the Cobra guys were...
  5. Mr. Lucky

    FS: Wheels & Accessories

    1. Four 18" GM chrome-plated thin-spoke wheels from '04 Corvette. Fits C5 and late model F-body. $195/pr -or- $375 for all four 2. Black powder coated brake rotor hub covers - fronts only. Fits all C5 and non-Z51 C6. (rotor not included) $55.00 Prices as stated +shipping. Prefer...
  6. Mr. Lucky

    FS or TRADE: Wheels/Tires & Misc

    * TWO 17" thin-spokes (high polish). Near-perfect condx, mounted/balanced w/ GY EMTs (~ 50% tread life remaining) - $295 takes both. * * TWO 17" thin-spokes (high polish). These are wheels-only, in good condx; $195 for both. * * NEW (unused) Black Rotor Hub Covers (same as these but fronts...
  7. Mr. Lucky

    FS: 2004 Intake Manifold & TB

    These were removed from my 2004 C5 at ~ 13K miles and are in perfect condition. Note that the throttle body is the newer style, with the factory attached LS1 plate. Pix here: http://thewholeinternet.com/vette/IMG_0001.JPG Manifold - $200 +shipping Throttle Body - $50 +shipping -or- both...
  8. Mr. Lucky

    FS: Misc Wheels & Accessories

    * NEW (unused) Black Rotor Hub Covers (same as these but fronts only) - $65 +shipping * Two 17" OEM thin-spokes (good condx) - $195 (local pick-up only) * Two 17" OEM thin-spokes, mounted/balanced w/ GY EMTs (near perfect condx; ~50% treadlife) - $295 (local p/u only) Note: Wheels are...
  9. Mr. Lucky

    FS: Four 17" Factory Thin-spokes (high-polish)

    Two are in near-perfect condition, mounted/balanced w/ GY run-flats (approx. 50% tread life remaining). Asking $325 for the pair - links to pix below (gigantic, so you can see detail). http://thewholeinternet.com/vette/IMG_0002.JPG http://thewholeinternet.com/vette/IMG_0003.JPG...
  10. Mr. Lucky

    C5 Speedster Conversion - anyone done?

    This looks interesting, but the photos are such extreme close-ups that I can't really tell what it looks like. http://www.corvetteamerica.com/cf/displaylearnmore.cfm?learnmoreid=3119&idlist=3119&searchdest=%2Fcf%2Flearnmorelist%2Ecfm%3Fsubcategoryid%3DX532&subcategoryid=X532 Anyone done this...
  11. Mr. Lucky

    A "Different" Interior Mod

    DISCLAIMER: I thought I had posted this before, but it doesn't show up in a search. :) I often drive with stuff on the passenger seat that I want easy access to. Problem is, when I take a hard turn, it shifts right and bashes into the door reflector. I was afraid that one of these days it...
  12. Mr. Lucky

    L.A. Auto Show Update

    Back from a very rainy drive to L.A. for the unveiling of the new C6 Z06. I'm happy to report that it was worth it! I have a slideshow album online here, and a video of the C6 vert power-top in action here. A couple of notes re the Z06 that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere: Available in...
  13. Mr. Lucky

    What Years Was the LS-4 Available?

    Question from a C5 refugee. I know it wasn't a "powerhouse" (considering it's displacement), but I'm about to start shopping for my first C3, and was told this was the most desireable engine option. Please tell me if you disagree with that recommendation.
  14. Mr. Lucky

    Tire Dressing Recommendation

    I did research this before posting, but most of the threads were two or more years old... so, trying again. I've been using Castrol Super Clean Tire Gloss spray with great success, but can no longer find it. It is still made according to the company website, and they still list several chains...
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