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    Fresh C3 brake problems

    So I've gone and made myself some new problems I found my front calipers to be leaking, and suspecting the obvious, opted to remove and inspect the inside of the caliper piston bores. Sure enough, there was a decent amount of fluid dripping from the piston seals. The calipers had been sleeved...
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    Starter reinstallation issues

    I had some issues with charging and starting, so being an overeager idiot, i took the battery, starter, and alternator to get tested all at once. Alternator was shot, and had worn out my brand new battery, so 2 for 3. Starter was fine, but upon reinstalling the starter as I could remember how...
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    Help! Progress and Setbacks: Help on Cluster and Lighting needed!

    Finally got the old money pit on the road for my first drive ever Brakes were intermittent, PS needs rebuild but also not so bad without. Rear wheel extremely bent. All minor problems that don't really affect the next hurdle Now I need to get the dreaded PA state inspection done I seem to...
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    C3 Brake and PS Questions

    I've been fixing my dads 75 Vette for a while now. It starts and runs with a battery in it, but the big problems are the brakes and the power steering (or lack thereof). I've narrowed down the brakes to the rear calipers needing replaced. I came to this conclusion after attempting to bleed the...
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