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    I need new injectors I went to the injector connection and looked around. I want to go with rebuilt ones but don't know which ones to choose I'm too new to injectors... Can someone give me some suggestions?
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    Question: vacuum

    I'm hunting vac leaks. When I removed the drivers seat to clean the rug the vac lines were not connected is this apart of my vac leaks?
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    Help! High Idle and stumble

    Hello all Zak here, I have been working on my 92 Lt1 for some time now. Just finished all new brake pads and rotors along with a new master cylinder and new brake fluid. Got new tires put on and cleaned up the rims. This Vette has been neglected for so long I have some list of things to go...
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    Help! new master cylinder

    I have read and read can't find any answers to these questions. I'm in the middle of a brake job. Pads and rotors done, everything went well. I bought a new master cylinder from rock auto.part #Mc391429 . 3 Problems 1. It does not match up with my old one, it has no "PRIME LINE PORT" to...
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    Brake pads and rotors

    I'm in the middle of changing pads and rotors front and back. On the rear I could not get the caliper over the rotor until i read the shop manual closer, I had the pads in wrong. Manual really helps.. One Q I do have is; The fatter rotor or thicker hat goes on front right? TIA
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    2 I'm doing brake work right now and while taking off the little E-Clip from the caliper it broke Is that something "special" or is it just gotten from the hardware store? TIA... 92 c4 drop top...
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    Question: new top

    I need a new cloth top for my 92 C4 where to buy? Can I do this myself I'm pretty handy?
  8. Z

    New Vette owner

    Hello! Don aka Ambush here just bought a 92 drop top my first one . I traded a 1965 Scout for a hot rod, traded that for a 04 chevy Avalanche sold the truck for cash and bought the vette it took me 2 years to do all of that.:happyanim:Looking forward to my first cruse gonna need to do some work...
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