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  1. bobs78

    HELP - I need your Vote!!!!

    Hi Guys, I was on MSNBC.com last week and they had a post on their website requesting people to send in a picture of their vintage car. So as fluke I sent a picture of my 54. Turns out they used it in their Vintage Car layout :D The problem is currently the viewers have voted an Orange VW Bug...
  2. bobs78

    Does anyone have...

    a '72 LT1 s/n S514488?
  3. bobs78

    1953 Corvette TV Commercial

    This is really cool... http://tinyurl.com/yynxuh If anyone has a copy or knows wher I can get a copy I'd like to use it in a presentation I'm working on the my local Solid Axle Corvette Club. Thanks
  4. bobs78

    Oil Pressure Gauge Jumping

    Got a strange problem with the oil gauge in my '78. The oil pressure gauge jumps/vibrates at idle. It only does this at idle. Once I increase rpm or drive the gauge stops vibrating and shows constant pressure readings. :confused Its the original gauge and sender to the car. Any ideas what is...
  5. bobs78

    53-54 Gas Gauge Sender

    Does anyone know if the resistance between the terminal on the sender and ground be the same with the sender in the tank (with gas in it) and out of the tank if the float is in the same relative position? Or, does having the sender submerged in liquid (gas) reduce the resistance reading? Thanks
  6. bobs78

    Help identifing my cast iron powerglide

    I need some help trying to determine what transmission I have in my car. The front case has a casting #3719240 dated C127 and the main cast is #3708134 K286. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bob
  7. bobs78

    Another Homelink Install

    Here's another alternative for those who want to install a Homelink in there C5's w/o any major modification to there cars. :upthumbs
  8. bobs78

    Dulling door jab clear coat

    Has anyone tried Krylon® Dulling Spray to dull their door jab clear coat finish? Maybe this be used to dull the jab during juding. Krylon claims that it "provides a removable dull finish for items to be photographed or videotaped. Reduces shine and simplifies lighting arrangements. Removable...
  9. bobs78

    Dump the remotes get Homelink

    Are you tried of hanging remotes on your sunvisor or fumbling for them in the car? Here's a neat little upgrade for your C3...get a Homelink unit from a wreck and install it in the glove compartment. No major or visable modification necessary. Total cost less than $50.00! I just installed one...
  10. bobs78

    C1 54 Radiator Hose

    I need help locating molded hoses for a 54 6cyl :confused Does anyone know of some sources to get these? I've looked in all the normal places Mary Jo, CC....etc. Thanks for your help:D
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