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    Fuel injectors

    Hello Everybody, I spoke to Gordon Kilebrew and I think he said that my 1985 Corvette uses Lucas fuel injectors 101081. But, every time I try and search Lucas fuel injectors all I get is Lucas injector cleaners. Did I hear him correctly. in. Presently my spark plugs get so black that I need...
  2. J

    1985 Corvette cables

    I purchased a 1985 Corvette 4 plus 3. The accelerator and other throttle cables were not on the car. I have done a few google searches but have not been able to determine the cables I need. Does anyone have a picture of the throttle tang with the cables, the cables part number or any way that I...
  3. J

    ECM for 1985

    Hello, I got my 1985 project car running. But the idle is really bad. I am checking the TPS today. I cannot pull codes. Shorting AB on the ACLC does not work. I am thinking of replacing the ECM. Should I go with a 85 replacement or is there a better option. Thank you Joe
  4. J

    ALCL diagnostic mode

    Hello, I am restarting a 1985 Corvette. I have the car running and I am trying to see if the sensors and ECM are working correctly. The previous owner did a little rewiring. I put a paper clip in terminals A and B on the ALCL. The check engine light did not come on. I am wondering what to do...
  5. J

    Help! Brake light will not go out

    Hello everybody, I own a 1989 6spd Z51 Corvette. I just changed the brake booster and the brake lights are on and will not go out. I tried the adjustment procedure in the manual and the one listed on the Corvette forum. The lights stayed on. Then I had my daughter look at the lights to see if...
  6. J

    interior lights and fuse block

    Hello Everyone, I own a 1989 Z51 Manual Corvette. My interior lights and cigarette lighter just stopped working. I am looking at the fuse block diagram and trying to figure which fuse if any operates those components. As I look at the diagram I am reading the numbers on the block and the fuse...
  7. J

    new injectors

    So I have a 1989 Z51 6 spd. It was backfiring since I bought it. But it started to backfire so badly on deceleration that it would stall. I read on one of the threads that the injectors could be the problem. I called a company that rebuilds the fuel injectors, I forgot the name but I got it from...
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    Hello Everybody I own a 1989 Z51 6 spd. My horns do not work. I took the center off the steering wheel and found this. Is this what it is supposed to look like. The spring is on the yellow wire. When I ran a wire from battery ground to the yellow wire the horns did sound.
  9. J

    vacuum lines and lean code

    hi everybody I own a 1989 Z51 6 spd. The car is back firing. The code according to my mechanic is something about running lean. I have the hoses on the top of the canister running correctly. The CEL is on and it now wants to stall. Does anyone know what the lower hoses connect to. I met...
  10. J


    Hello everybody So my 1989 6 spd is running but it does not have tail lights. When I press on the brake the brake lights go on, the center console lights go on, sometimes the door chime comes on and the cornering lights go on. So I figure that there is a broken ground somewhere and when I...
  11. J


    Hello Everybody I own a 1989 Z51 Manual Corvette. The passenger side caliber is coming out of the bracket that holds the caliber in place. This is under normal drive around town driving. Is this a common problem? Is this a common problem with the Corvette. Is the problem the caliber or the...
  12. J

    Hood problem

    Hello Everybody, I have a 1989 Corvette. I just installed an 1987 hood on the car. The bump stops for the 87 and 89 have different diameter bolts. So they are not on the car. I have ordered a set of stops from ZIP. My hood will not close properly. I have to force it down and usually use the...
  13. J

    Help! Clutch

    I have just been informed that my 1989 Z51 needs a flywheel, clutch, throw out bearing, pressure plate and slave cylinder. Any suggestions on the ones I should buy. The car is a daily driver. Once maybe twice a year it may seem some performance driving. It is a bone stock L98 may get some...
  14. J

    CAGS bupass

    Hello, I just purchased a 1989 6 spd Corvette. with the Z51 suspension. I purchased the CAGS bypass. Does it work? Cause any problems? Thank you Joe
  15. J

    Question: oil pan

    Hello Everybody, I own a 1984 4 plus 3 Corvette. I just removed the camshaft and found two lobes round. I have the new camshaft in. My question is "should I remove the oil pan and clean it, so that the camshaft fragments do not cause me problems. Can I do the bearings with the motor in the car...
  16. J

    Electrical problem

    Hello Everybody I own a 1984 4 plus 3 Corvette. This morning I was driving and noticed that the voltage was 11.1 volts. When I got to my destination and shut the car the cooling fan kept running. I finally pulled the relay and the fan shut. After the car cooled I plugged in the relay and the...
  17. J


    Hello Everybody, I own 1 1984 4+3. It has it's original seats. I am thinking of changing the seats. I would like to know a couple of things. 1) what year seats bolt directly in to my car i.e. 1984 thru ???? 2) Corvette sport seats. Are they a good investment. Are they comfortable. Can I...
  18. J


    My 1984 4 plus 3 is bogging above 3000 rpm. So I checked the fuel pressure. It is above 15 psi. So decide to check the timing. I have some small misses at idle. But the car idles at 700 rpm when it is warmed up and frankly runs good. So I put a timing light and cannot find the mark. I shut the...
  19. J

    Fuel pump?

    I own a 1984 4 plus 3 Corvette. It is stock except I ported the intake. It was running well and sometimes it seemed to hesitate. Today I was driving it and it hesitated and stalled. I called a tow but got home with some clutch riding and a little luck. Oh I disconnected the EGR. I replaced the...
  20. J

    flooding surging

    Hello Everybody I own a bone stock 1984 Corvette with 4 plus three. The car has 72,000 miles on it. Recently I was driving it and it started to surge. Then the gas milage went from 18 mpg to 4 mpg and then continued to surge throughout my drive. Eventually consuming 4 gallons of gas in about 10...
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