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    what is shape and dimensions of exhaust ports on stock heads 81 350

    what is the shape (square, round, D, oval ??) and dimensions of the exhaust ports on stock heads for 81 350ci and... has anyone used Remflex exhaust manifold gaskets..for aftermarket headers,..which Remflex part #..happy with em or not? If you used Fel Pro..or other, same questions..which part...
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    two rubber curved down tubes dir above fuel pump what are they

    on 81, (with AC, pwr seat/windows/4 spd) looking down into engine bay passenger side, front below and right of where #2 cyl is and ..just aft of ac compressor..and above the fuel pump..are two small rubber tubes..one a bit smaller than the other..that curve sharply down toward chassis...
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    Question: what exhaust manifold (or header) to use on a modified 81 no smog no ECC

    My 81, 350, man trans has all the smog removed..no A.I.R., no egr, no computer, no catalytic, no oxy sensor (running Edelbrock carb, intake and cam)..the left ex manifold has a crack..so time to replace em. What will fit? With all the smog stuff gone..will an earlier vette ex manifolds fit...
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    Help! distributor what new one to install on 81 with all smog and computer removed new carb intake

    as in post in title 81, std trans 4 spd..all smog stuff removed incl catalytic, now with Edelbrock Performer series, intake, carb, cam..computer to be disconnected..so what distributor to use..as the stock one was 1. controlled by computer, 2. no idea of advance when no computer, and 3. Lars...
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    rear wheel brngs Trail arm for question in Intro

    the rear wheel bearing R and R is a PITA and involves a lot including a several special tools, several jacks, and setting the clearance exactly. It is a good time to look at everything else in the vicinity as you will have it apart..spring, all bushings consider poly), strut rods etc. It "may"...
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