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  1. MsSchroder


    Testing 1- 2- 3
  2. MsSchroder

    Junkyard Rotors? Opinions please.

    We just got a 99 FRC. The brakes were really bad (shuddering and vibrating when braking at just about any speed), so "we" (I use the term usely, since Phil did it and I watched ;)) pulled the rotors off and replaced them with some Baer drilled/slotted ones. Here's the weird thing. The service...
  3. MsSchroder

    99 Wheels- keep them or change them?

    Hey all! I'm back in the C5 fold again with my new-to-me 99 Pewter FRC. The question is: should I keep the wheels or update them? Mr. S and I are both leaning toward new ones. I'm curious what you guys think. If you would go with new ones, which ones would be your choice? (include a...
  4. MsSchroder

    FS: 2002 Millennium Yellow Z06, 19k Miles

    I am sad to say that I will be selling my Z06 in order to buy some land. :cry 2002 Millennium Yellow Corvette Z06 SOLD 19k miles Black leather interior Excellent condition Brand New Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Tires (JUST installed, less than 10 miles on them)...
  5. MsSchroder

    How do I become a Supporting Member?

    For those of you interested in becoming Supporting Members, follow these quick steps: Click on the UserCP link at the top of this screen. Go to Paid Subscriptions Follow the instructions from there to use PayPal.For those of you not interested in using the online form of payment, you can send a...
  6. MsSchroder

    Millennium Yellow Owners Sign in Here!

    Are you a MY C5 owner? If so, step forward please, so that we may see you better (that color tends to fade into the background ;)) What made you choose your color? For me, it was my inner rebel breaking through after being repressed for 39 years :D Tammy
  7. MsSchroder

    Exhaust Filler Plates- Low Dollar or High?

    I was perusing Mid America's online store when I noticed they have the billet aluminum exhaust filler plates on "sale". (here). ..."Sale" meaning $80 bucks off the regular price, but they are still $299 :eek These things look good, but I'm not sure if I want to spend $300 on something...
  8. MsSchroder

    z06 rear diff fluid Q for C4C5Specialist

    C4C5Specialist, I seem to recall a post you made a while back that mentioned changing the rear differential fluid at the first 7K miles. I don't know if I was dreaming or mistaken, I can't seem to find that thread anywhere now, and my owners manual doesn't list it anywhere in the "scheduled...
  9. MsSchroder

    How To Defeat the 1 to 4 Skip Shift- a guide for the mechanically challenged

    If you are tired of having your C5 decide that you really didn't want to shift to 2nd, but instead 4th would be much better, this little inexpensive device will solve your problem. If I can do this by myself, anybody can. :) (note, this was performed on a z06 but would be very similar for...
  10. MsSchroder

    High-Powered Sports Car survey?

    I got a letter in the mail the other day from MORPACE international. It wanted me to participate in an online survey about a future high powered sports car (I guess because I bought my z06 this year?). It wanted to know what features I would looking for, and at what price. The features...
  11. MsSchroder

    Traction Control vs. Active handling vs. Competition mode

    For some reason I keep getting confused about this so I thought I would pore through the manual (again) and previous posts on this topic to see if I can get it straight. I would appreciate any corrections or comments. This is what I have gathered from various sections of the manual: Summary...
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