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  1. BC72067

    Not sure about my C4?

    I've had my 96 for 3 weeks now. I decided to take it in and get a full service done since I did not know when the last time it had had one. The mechanic there is a good wrench and I trust his work. Besides I get to pick up the stuff I want and he will use it and I'm only out labor plus what ever...
  2. BC72067

    I think my C4 might have cost to much

    Well I have ad my vette for 2 weeks today. According to the paperwork it was around 10k. That was before all the issues that happened around the purchase that have been resolved. I ended up walking the lot last Friday when I took it back for them to install the parking break. I was looking at...
  3. BC72067

    Highlight of a wet cold day here.

    Tired of winter, wet, and rain here this was the highlight of the morning looking out my office window.
  4. BC72067

    How I ended up with my LT4

    Here is how I ended up with my LT4. I work in the oilfield. The company I work for has gone safety ballistic. I have had a company truck for 8 of the nine years I work for them. My company truck is a 2015 Ford F250 CNG Super Duty. Due to the recent drop in natural gas and oil prices they they...
  5. BC72067

    Wanted to say Hello

    Picked up a '96 LT4 yesterday to run back and forth to work. Been doing alot of reading figuring out bits and pieces of it. So Hi
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