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    1969 coupe body (complete--original) for sale

    Late production 1969 Coupe body--with title. Original Cortex Silver---now stripped to original primer and bare fiberglass. All original panels and bonding strips. Nice birdcage, windshield frame, rocker channels--no rust, no repairs, non accident body. I sold this 2 1/2 years ago to a member of...
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    Re: 68 parts---nearly any '68 part--'69-'73 also

    Re: 68 parts---nearly any '68 part--'69-'73 also '68--- almost anything--- body panels, chrome, stainless, latches, doors, frames, transmissions, bell-housings, clutch pedal assemblies, radiators, shrouds, rear ends, gas tanks, windshield frames/pieces/parts, engines and components(327...
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    C1 and C2 parts

    Please see my post in the C3 parts for sale section. Type 435rdsterphotobucket into your search engine and it will come up. Click View All to save time browsing. Thanks, George 210 748 4693 geopar@gvtc.com Also looking for '60 Big Brake parts 1) 15x5.5" wheels (1 to 5) 2) front vented...
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    '68 427 engine VIN 25611

    Complete "Time Warp" 427 engine found. Please see complete description on the "General Discussion" section. Thanks, Geo
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    1968 VIN 25611 427 engine found-is this your Vette?

    Does anyone know where this 1968 , late build (July of '68) 427 vette is? Have located complete engine--from pan to air cleaner, from front pulleys and belts to bell housing. Everything on this is original: 4 sp carb w/air cleaner and original filter element and original wing nut. Original...
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    '68 -'73 parts for sale and needed

    Hi All,--------- More photos in photo bucket(including C1/2 parts)----435rdster---George Wright I have a large array of misc. C3 parts for sale or trade. Most all parts are original GM in good to excellent condition. 1) body parts; big and small block hoods (including an original '68 L88...
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    Parting out 1970 coupe

    Tilt/tele steering column, nice condition, complete--$450.00, steering wheel--$80.00 (have 4 of these), complete removable rear window set-up--$400.00(SOLD) (have extra tray and window), rear bumpers--$50.00 each(good drivers), rear bumper brackets set--$50.00, 5 port wiper motor and washer...
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    many misc. parts '68-'73 for sale/trade

    I have a little of everything --- interior , gauges , seats , panels , suspension parts and pieces , a couple of frames . a couple of parts cars , doors/components/hardware , engines/heads/brackets/pullies , fenders/panels/pieces , trim , steering wheels , a couple of project vettes---2 '64...
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    '67 Vert. air cond. 4 sp. for sale

    '67 convertible , 4 speed , factory air conditioning , 327/300 , hard and soft top , silver ext./black vinyl int. , correct ralleys (have a set of repo bolt ons that could be part of deal) . CE block(B of '68) , all other engine components , trans , rear end , etc. correct numbers and dates ...
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    help needed -- '60 vette

    Hi all . My wife's little red FI is finally back on the road and run'in great . (stopping great too) We've got a couple of questions : 1) the drivers side wiper does not work -- it's not all the way down in it's "socket" . If if push it down while the motor is running , it will "catch" , but it...
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    first LT-1 built in '72 ?

    Hello . Does anyone know the the production # of the first LT-1 built in '72 ?? Mine is 00091 , just wondering how close this is to the first one for that year . Thanks , Geo
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