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    Need pics of front engine bracketry on a stock C1...and 2 other trivia questions..

    Does anyone have pics of or know where I can find some good front bracket and pulley pics of a C1 stock engine...preferably '61 and '62? Also when was the first year Corvette offered factory air conditioning...? ...and last, when did the first Quadrajet carb appear on a stock Corvette...
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    Semershiems...links to

    I can't find a link to an address for Semershiems (spelling?) to buy fiberglass panels from. Does it take as long to get individual panels as I've heard it takes for a complete press mold front end? Thanks...Stan
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    Lokar emergency brake vs stock brake handle..

    I noticed that several have used the Lokar emergency brake handle on their retro cars with after market frames. I was wondering if this was because the stock handles wouldn't work well or ...the Lokar was used because the stock handles wern't available or are very expensive or both. I have a...
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    Fiberglass gurus....one piece hand laid front end (C1) with dash or...?

    It was told by a reliable source that a one piece hand laid front end for a C1 is as good and perhaps a little stronger than the press mold front ends. This is in reference to building a retro car with an aftermarket frame, motor etc., where originality is a moot point. I was surprised to say...
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    What is your rear gear ratio...now that harland has mentioned it?

    Just curious what rear gear ratio everyone is using and for what application (year model)including engine , trans, and rear tire size...if convenient. Trying to decide myself...what would be best. I have one P-Trac w/456 gears in the project car....which had solid lifter non #'s match 283...
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    While I'm at it...parts price opinons.

    I guess I might as well see what value a complete 1961 Corvette body w/rusty frame and a bloody nose would be worth. ..needs at least an inner fender well and a front lower front valance panel. It has a steering column with vin tag with a good title. It also has a good windshield frame, and...
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    C1 instruments pricing...and other

    Opinions on the following would be appreciated...(1961 Corvette parts) What's the going price for a C1 instrument cluster complete and in good used condition...but not restored. Also would like to know what a complete good used stock C1 posi differential center section should cost...
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    junk yard engine ID...

    I have my eye on a 400 sbc engine (3951511 left rear casting no.) with 76 cc heads (3998997 casting no.s) I'm wondering if the stampings on the deck pad in front of the right head will tell me if it is a 4 bolt main for sure, and more importantly what pistons or what compression ratio it is...
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    Engine ID assistance needed..

    One of my neighbors has a 350 engine, a '69 model 350 he thinks. The casting number behind the left head on the ledge next to the transmission is 3970010. The stamped number on the right front head deck ledge is V0523HN... Can anyone help ID this engine ...it is complete with Valve covers...
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    C1 rear end width...

    Does anyone know right off what a stock C1 rear end width from brake drum face to brake drum face is? ...and width from spring perch or spring center to spring center if known. I'm looking at a rear end on E-bay and don't have my C1 close enough to measure. Thanks...Stan
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    LT1 350 370 Hp...vs ZZ4, and others..

    Just happened on a good original 370 hp solid lifter LT1 350 ci engine. .. Curious what changes most would make to this engine for todays fuel, regarding cam, heads, compression etc. I believe milling the piston domes to about 10.0/10.5 compression ratio and installing hard valve seats...
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    ...new three deuces by Barry Grant

    Still kicking around all the nostalgia options I ran across these new carbs and intake from Barry Grant...might look pretty good on a 1970 LT1 350...heh heh! http://www.barrygrant.com/news/articles/products/product_004.aspx
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    ...a little quiet time.

    Christmas Eve around here is always hectic.. With the last minute gift wrapping and the wife nearly done all the early cooking before the big bird hits the oven tomorrow....after Santa brings all the Grand kids gifts. Today (X-Mas eve) the grown kids and spouses will all be ariving in an...
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    Can you buy a aftermarket C1 body complete

    Out of the mouths of babes.. Talking to my son about building this C1.....and the cost of better instruments, Wise Guy seats, Vintage Air, aftermarket front engine bracketry and so on.. Then I mentioned that I had been talking to Billy Dawson about his aftermarket frames and the C4...
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    ...carbureted LS6 Gen III...??

    Any one ever hear of a LS364/440... ...supposed to be the same block as the LS family with the LS6 heads and an intake for a carburetor... Questions from other members : LS6 5.7L GEN 111 CORVETTE ENGINEItem number: 8021389831Question & Answer Answered On Q:I tried cut and paste... too...
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    Any experience/pics of 16" & 17" Torque Thrust 2's on a C1...??

    Information regarding tire sizes, backspacing required, and pictures if any would be appreciated. (for Torque Thrust 2's on a C1) Thanks...Stan M.
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    Simplest , strong Corvette engine and auto trans for C1 conversion w/C4 suspension.??

    I've always liked the old 700R4 trans...but I haven't had the later corvette transmissions. Don't really know what 84 up engine would be an easy install, with the most power for the dollar... What years were considered prime choices...? Money is an object...so a 2006 isn't a consideration...
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    Wise Guy seats and Custom colored Dash pads fpr C1's

    I keep seeing references to wise guy seats that some builders are using in there cars...What are and where can I get some information and pricing on them. Another thing I am curious is whether there is a source for custom c1 dash pads...in different colors than stock....like bone leather for...
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    '92 'vette engine and ZF 6 speed for a C1...How does it rate..

    What is the consensus regarding a '92 Corvette engine (LT1 I believe) and the same vintage ZF 6 speed trans for a C1 that is not a restoration candidate. I know very little about the later model Corvette engines and transmissions. ...or is there another model Corvette drive line that would be...
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    Medium or well done ..Rotisserie for a '61

    Curious to know what the forum thinks about the need for a rotisserie when doing a rebuild on a C1. Are they worth the time and expense for a frame off...or? If it really is a needed item...which I imagine it is. Does any one have any simple plans to build a decent one...or better yet have...
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