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    Question: Trickle Charger on a 2017

    Can I hook up a trickle charger to the power port in the rear hatch area above the battery? If I can, where can I get a charger that has the specific hook up that will plug into the power port? I think I saw one listed as a GM part. I always used "alligator" clips on my C5, but the battery...
  2. J

    Question: Waterless car wash solutions

    Does anyone have any opinions of waterless car wash solutions? Have you used them or do you know of anybody who has? I have a particular brand in mind "Detailer's Pro Series". It is offered through Autogeek.net. There are times during storage, trips to car shows and cruises that it would be...
  3. J

    Question: Sirus Radio added to my C5

    I have a Sirius Satellite Radio in my car and would like to install one in my 2001 C5 coupe as well. Getting and mounting the radio is not the problem, installing a new antenna is. Has anyone done this installation? Where did you mount the new antenna? I do not want to put an antenna on the...
  4. J

    Question: Steering Column Lock

    I have been reading about the steering column lock problem and the "fix" that GM provided. I bought my C5 last year and do not know if the "fix" was done on my car. Is there a way to find out? By the way, this is a great site. I have learned a lot about my car from reading the various posts...
  5. J

    Air Induction System

    I am considering upgrading the Air Induction System on my C5. My questions are: Does it increase performance 12+ hp and should I also purchase the Mass Air Flow Sensor along with the changeover? Mid-America has a K&N system for $400 plus another $400 for the sensor. Is it really worth it? Do I...
  6. J

    Question: Computer chips for C5

    Is it just an urban legend or is there a "chip" that can be installed in the C5 computer that adds up to 50 hp? If there is such a thing, does it come from GM or is it strictly aftermarket? :confused
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