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    Radio issues

    The radio on my C7 has to be re-paired every time I start it. Phone stays paired but music from cell phone won't play. Car has not had any software updates. Cell is Motorola Edge Plus Android 11. Verizon can't figure it out. My local Chevy dealer can't either. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Use of TECHRON fuel system treatment

    I have a 2014 C7 with 18000 miles. I've been told I should add TECHRON fuel system treatment. What is GM's position and any other comments. Thanks much
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    Tire Pressure Fluctuations

    Hi guys - I have inflated my tires on my 2014 to 30-31. I went out for a ride today and the pressure on all tires rose slowly to 35. It's about 85 here today. Is 35 going to cause me problems and if so, should I let air out back to 30?? Appreciate advice - Thanks much - Later, JPC
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    Question: Ceramic finishes on a Corvette

    Hey guys - I purchased C7 a 2014 Premier Edition Lime Rock Green last July. My car has 17k miles and is beautiful. The Corvette club I belong to here in Florida has a number of guys who have had their cars treated with ceramic. Their cars are gorgeous and show no swirl marks anywhere. I've...
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    Location of LTPWS Sensor

    Need a quick answer - "re-installing" a sensor on my 95 roadster. Where do I tighten down the sensor in relation to the tire valve stem? Is it right next to it or on the opposite side of the wheel? Doing this tomorrow and not sure tire guy knows where it goes. Thanks for the help...
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    LTPWS sensor question

    I put new Firehawks on my 95 roadster today(nice tire!!). Unfortunately, when my right rear tire was broken down, the band that holds the sensor in place was broken. The sensor works fine - the band needs to be replaced. GM only sells the complete sensor package ($250+). All I need is the...
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    Bad clear coat on 95 wheel

    My right rear wheel surface looks all cracked up - I assume this is the clear coat letting loose. I'm in west central Florida - any recommendations of someone who can refinish it? Also, are the 94 and 95 wheels identical? I have a company willing to sell me 4 refinished 94's in exchange for...
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    Detailing questions

    I'm new to CAC and have several detailing questions. My car is a 95 white roadster with 25k miles. The eninge compartment needs some cleaning up - nothing major, just dirt and grime. I want to be able to show the car but not "concourse" condition. First, what should I use to clean rubber...
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